Midround antagonists, and their lack of presence: The sequel

Way back before the forum got moved (and deleted entirely lmao qwerty) I made a post about how Midround antagonists didnt spawn enough. Now, honestly its not always true. some rounds have a bunch of them. But there is an issue. Greenshifts. There can be a 3 hour greenshift round with literally 0 antags the entire round. 3 hours is a lot of midround events. If no antags spawn in that period, I think it says something about the spawn rate. the first hour and a half is easy to explain. No one is dead. But people still die eventually on greenshifts, or we have ghosts. So where are those late round antags?

I propose a solution to this late round inactivity. Starting at 1 hour, the chance of a midround antagonist spawning should increase. Slowly at first, until its REALLY late round and they spawn more frequently than usual… It can reset every time a midround spawns, as to prevent there being 20 midrounds at 3 hours. This would fix a core issue with extended. The core complaint of extended is getting bored. increasing midround antag spawn chance could alleviate that issue. instead of the worst thing being an ion storm 3 hours in, the worst thing could be xenos, or blob, or SOMETHING that is actually a threat. I get the purpose of greenshifts, but as it stands, greenshifts always end out of boredom. People get tired of doing their jobs. I can understand it (although I dont always agree with it, like try doing something new, experiment, thats the best part of greenshifts) but it seems like its a problem that CAN be solved.

this proposed solution could be restricted to greenshifts, or it could be across all game modes (that way a rev round or a cult round that is dragging on too long because the antags are unrobust but have a head converted to recall over and over could be ended through midround antag intervention).

I observe a lot recently, because I want good spawners like golems or something, and typically, there is maybe one midround per round, if even. Thats REALLY low odds. Back when I made the original post, the admins had said, since they spend a long time observing, the midround spawns felt high enough to them, but I dont think I can say the same since picking up observing. Even the really long rounds dont have midrounds. Dynamic has the most midrounds, because they are predetermined. otherwise, they just dont happen much.

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me when blob happens literally 40 minutes in on MRP sometimes and some absolutely retarded guy thinks there should be even more lol

My suggestion wouldnt affect the first 40 minutes. The odds that blob spawns at 40 are slim to none, and the maybe 2 times its ever happened are exceptions. something happening once or twice doesnt change the fact that midrounds have low spawn rate, and it needs to be increased late game, especially on greenshifts, where the round can go on for over 2 hours with no antags.