Midijamz Admin Application (THE RETURN)


I wish to relapse into the adminosphere. I am itching to be a spacemin and am looking forward to helping the team out again. You can refer to my previous accepted application from earlier this year for my answers to the questions.

I have no strikes, left on good terms, and I’m ready to be back!


+1 because that’s all I’m allowed to give now.

You are still trialmin on forums :flushed:

Times have changed, have you had a peek into our new admin conduct?
If so, tell me the suggested length of notes and what can trialmins do without auth (if anything).

Someone who been an admin here in the past and left in good terms with no fuck ups bad enough to be a strike want to come back?
I see no issue with this.

I do suggest reading our (very) recently updated admin conduct, then you’ll know why the vote is …

If you left on good terms by all means it’s a +1 from me, I understand people needing to take breaks now and again.

(and now for some good ol’ shitpost)

Gosh darn kids these days and their newfangled plus one, when I was your age these were only given by the trialmins gyaaaaa- phooey :older_adult:

still sounds good +1

Accepting this application