Michael Foster Player Report

In-game report:

   Title: Michael Foster Player Report
   CKEY: Demi-Wahoo

   Your Discord: Demi-Wahoo#6398

   Offender’s CKEY: ???

   LRP or MRP server: LRP

   Offender’s In-Game Name: Michael Foster

   Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 11-24-2020

   Round Number:24356

   Rules Broken: 4. No Self-Antagging or Grief

   Incident Description: I had to go SSD for a moment, so i went to the office to hide in a locker. Michael Foster (He was Dave Cox, as every human on station was forced to be Dave Cox) came into the office, stole my space suit and then proceeded to shoot me till i died. I checked if they were antag with "observe" and the result screen. They weren't antag.

   Additional Information: 

Discord report:

Title: [Offender’s Discord] Discord Report

Your Discord:

Offender's Discord:

Rules Broken:

Incident Description:

Additional Information:


ATTACK: Wreight/(Dave Cox) has stripped the chief medical officer’s hardsuit off Demi-Wahoo/(M.I.S.E.R.I) (NEWHP: 96.7) (Chief Medical Officer’s Office (160, 96, 2))

Stripping adds up for now.

Wreight/(Dave Cox) has fired at Demi-Wahoo/(M.I.S.E.R.I) with the laser from Chief Medical Officer’s Office (NEWHP: 96.7) (Chief Medical Officer’s Office (159, 97, 2))

(Shot abuncha times again)


ATTACK: Wreight/(Dave Cox) has shot Demi-Wahoo/(M.I.S.E.R.I) with the laser (NEWHP: -133.3) (Chief Medical Officer’s Office (158, 97, 2))


Wreight \ Michael Foster \ Roboticist \ NONE \ LATEJOIN

Not an antagonist. Blatant Self-Antagging.

Punishments given.

Report Processed, have a good day.

Also player report speedrun any%