Mey Warning Appeal part 2

Discord ID: Mey#4686

Admin Discord ID: Ruko#7940

Ban Type: Warning

Ban Length: -

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 4/21/2021

Ban Reason: “stop pushing the line.”

Appeal Reason: I seem to recall having 3 warnings from about 5 months ago, resulting in a mute. At least 2 of them refer to me referencing or posting an image containing the name of a certain furry porn website. I think now that it has been a pretty good chunk of time since these warnings were given, and now that we have the new 18+ rule, one or more of these warnings should be removed. While im not very active on beestation in general, I remember having a good time in beecord, and I hope to rejoin it.

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While we are laxer on our rules regarding sexuel content, we still DO NOT allow posting of direct referencing of actuel pornographic matarials. These warnings would be applied just aswell as now as they did then.

I will give benefit of the doubt and unmute you from the discord too. But remember not to be horny in the chad, take it to the DM’s if you must