Metagaming validhunting borg player report

CKEY: SerMagma

Your Discord:

Offender’s CKEY: Derkon12?

Offender’s In-Game Name: S.H.A.D.Y and Vyn Radar

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 10-20-22

Round Number: 40901

Rules Broken: Validhunting and metagaming for the borg. Unsure about Vyn

Incident Description: Borg and HOP randomly come up to me, arrest me and take me to perma for an implant search. over “Cryptic Messages” probably codewords in comms all whilst i haven’t done anything that they would’ve known about.

I did escape in the end and gunned them both down, and got a little heated and for that i’m sorry. but it was worth it in the moment.

OOC: Derkon12: Local traitors Idiotically message eachother on pda, get caught five minutes into round, proceed to cope and seethe.

Knew the hop was new and proceded to play them like a fiddle.

Additional Information:
S.H.A.D.Y is probably doing this as a metagrudge. They kept using knowledge that they shouldn’t have. Logs will speak for themselves


this is a reminder that common means of communication on station are usually and probably being monitored by NT’s Command staff and A.I.

Means of circumventing this are :

  • meeting in person.
  • getting a pair of Communication implants.
  • the Ol’ 121.3 SYNDICATE RADIO BABY (coming at you with the sweetest tunes and knarlest galactic news NT doesn’t want you to hear!)
  • Information dead drops, leave a note and maybe some gear in an inconspicuous place! Difficult, will need co-conspirators greater than super stealth-tags and chickens with heads replaced with E-swords.
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Nothing that bad was said iirc. That borg went out if its way to get both of us and implant search us on green alert, throwint us in perma

So the borg or the A.I. found out about your PDA message, then the meta-grudging commenced?

There was no AI. It was a single borg looking for valids, its happened berore and happened the next round.

The next round he did the same, grabbing the ghost sniffer from robotics the moment a rev was called out and spent most of the round wandering maints looking for it. - 40952

And pretty much, even if it wasnt a grudge it was metagamey and validhinting. Just felt very strange to me that he aided another traitor after ctaching both of us. No law changes at all that i could tell.

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Hot damn, I knew the Ghost sniffer could potentially be abused but holy shit hunting valids based on who has ghosts orbiting them? that is something else.

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Either that or he was cosplaying a ghostbuster

Either way very uh-oh stinky


Nah, it can’t. It only pings when the ghosts click on it. So me and another ghost decided to mess with the mediborg by feeding him false info. But I can confirm that he did indeed grab the ghost sniffer and drag it around the station.


I had thought that would have been a sensical way it would work, seeing as ghosts are suposed to be nearly undetectable to living players.

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Riiight. The borg seemingly only checked PDA logs after some PDA bombs (set off by you) went off, after which they noticed the PDA messages. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they thought that the bombs would show in the logs or something.

PDA & PDA bomb logs

PDA: Knoblin420/(ARMA-325) (PDA: to Bungo (Barber)) "I know who you are. Hail Sithis." (Virology (205, 90, 2))

PDA: SerMagma/(Bungo) (PDA: to ARMA-325 (Virologist)) "oh no" (Starboard Quarter Maintenance (156, 88, 2))

PDA: Knoblin420/(ARMA-325) (PDA: to Bungo (Barber)) "Oh yes" (Virology (204, 90, 2))

Knoblin420/(ARMA-325) (PDA: to Bungo (Barber)) "Let me know if you need anything" (Virology (204, 90, 2))

PDA: SerMagma/(Bungo) (PDA: to ARMA-325 (Virologist)) "You too" (Central Starboard Maintenance (190, 100, 2))

PDA: Knoblin420/(ARMA-325) (PDA: to Bungo (Barber)) "I don't think I will do much virology" (Virology (204, 90, 2))

PDA: SerMagma/(Bungo) (PDA: to ARMA-325 (Virologist)) "heh" (Central Starboard Maintenance (190, 100, 2))

PDA: SerMagma/(Bungo) (PDA: to ARMA-325 (Virologist)) "I might do some hair cutting. might miss tho" (Central Starboard Maintenance (190, 100, 2))

PDA: Knoblin420/(ARMA-325) (PDA: to Bungo (Barber)) "You know how it goes." (Virology (204, 90, 2))

The bombs:
GAME: SerMagma/(Bungo) tablet-bombed PDA-Sebastian Castillo (Bartender) at Bar (0, 0, 0). (Secondary Starboard Maintenance (208, 150, 2))

GAME: SerMagma/(Bungo) triggered a PDA explosion on PDA-Fenton Kanaga (Exploration Crew) at Exploration Preparation Room (0, 0, 0). (Central Primary Hallway (133, 130, 2))

GAME: SerMagma/(Bungo) triggered a PDA explosion on PDA-Tommy Wimlo (Assistant) at Head of Personnel's Office (0, 0, 0). (Secondary Starboard Maintenance (208, 150, 2))

So far, fine. Next they let security now and kept poking their nose in security matter for no really good reason, considering you haven’t harmed anyone so far (as far as they’re concerned, at least). You get arrested (due to your connections with viro who seems emagged directly into armory and basically all of security), searched, etc etc… then they ask for/demand an implant search for no good reason and drop these lines;

SAY: Derkon12/(S.H.A.D.Y) "Space law does not apply to borgs." (Prison Wing (157, 181, 2))

SAY: Derkon12/(S.H.A.D.Y) "Space law is a suggestion, even for sec borgs." (Prison Wing (157, 181, 2))

Which, yeah… Not great. Before I come to a decision please do explain;

Did you mean metaknowledge, grudge or? Them being a borg basically allows them to know about traitor gear unlike a regular crew memeber as far as I’m concerned, although they did go annoyingly far with it, getting borderline OOC with it.

Had no idea borgs had knowledge of traitor items and such so that can be thrown out. Thanks for clearing thst up.

Unsure if it founts as metagaming for the round after though, he went around dragging the uhh, robotics ghost sniffer thing most of the round, either trying to use it to locate ghosts orbiting people or finding the rev since he got it the moment rev was announced, none of those methods really help though.

This was awhile ago, some details have probably been forgotten

I hope the ghosts taking part in this are logged and held accountable for contributing.

I’ll take the blame, I pinged it a couple of times while the borg was near robotics while the revenant was on the other side of the station to, as I said, ‘fuck with him by feeding him false info’.

Reallyyy bad, yeah. Even if this didn’t actually work the mindset is really bad.

Report processed.