Message to the Community

I’d like to thank the Beestation community for the opportunity to function as a trial admin. After my first month, the team and I came to the conclusion that I would step away from administration. I will continue on as a Mentor, effective immediately.

I realize I probably offended some of you during this time, and I would just like to say that I apologize to each and every one of you.

Thank you,



Was it worth it? :flushed:

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It was good while it lasted.


It was a worthwhile experience. I learned a lot in this time, and I would be open to another application in the future.

Thanks man. I tried.

الله أكبر. جزاكم الله الصبر. الله يكرم من أثبتوا صوابهم. جزاكم الله. الله يكرم من يعامل الآخر معاملة حسنة. جزاكم الله ذبح الكافر.


Some of you might not know arabeese so I’ll translate it to anime for you:

神は素晴らしいです。 アッラーがあなたに忍耐を報います。 神は正しく証明された人々に敬意を表します。 アッラーがあなたに報いてくださいますように。 神は他の人を上手に扱う人を敬います。 神が不信者に報いてくださいますように。

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