Mentor events

I think there should be mentor events, just events focused on teaching people different departments without either potentially being a handicap to your department or being a danger to the station (cough cough, working on the SM). Have it maybe like a once a month thing. Could either do a greenshift or actually, I think pulling out the sandbox gamemode would be a great option. Also I think this would be a easy way to test mentors. Only issue I can see at the moment is like shitters spawning in shit to destroy the station/ruin the event (in the case of the sandbox gamemode) or low attendance of those events.


We’d have a calmer round with Dynamic Threat: 1000 than with sandbox enabled.

Aside from the suggestion to use sandbox mode though, this is a fantastic idea in my opinion.


Here’s the structure I proposed to our event authorization (read: Senior admins)

  • Enable greenshift
  • Admin stays adminned, give temporary admin status to mentors that are willing to help - may freely spawn objects as necessary to teach.
  • Adminbus fully allowed to remove disruptive players / heal those caught in accidents, crossfire or demonstrations.
  • OOC enabled, and players freely allowed to IC in OOC (because there are no antags, and the round structure itself can be waived for the sake of teaching)
  • Set up some sort of announcement hologram in the arrivals shuttle + admin notice.
  • Players that don’t wish to take part in the teaching/learning are free to do what they wish within normal gameplay rules, but should avoid interfering in teaching departments.


But will it happen? Just like 90% of suggestions probably not.

This isn’t a coding suggestion though. The reason most suggestions don’t end up happening is because coders don’t care about doing things they themselves aren’t also interested or invested in seeing in the game personally.

This is right in line with Beestation’s mission and interests several admins, and only requires some admin/mentor coordination.

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Honestly sounds pretty cool.
My only demand is i get to have a revolver and a token

Yeah the idea outlined would be interesting. Science and Medical would probably be departments I’d lead for these.

I’d lead security if I was a mentor…
Lately security became weak - they try to “reason” with people and not even harm baton.

But yeah if we had such events I would even try to assist as a normal crew member, hope this will become a reality someday

nations but each department gets a mentor, whoever powergames the most wins thus showing who the best mentor is


Sec has the least power game potential, yet the most at the same time.

I really like the idea and would enjoy being a temp admin in order to teach people more efficiently.

Well then sci wins, just reinforce xenobio, lock @RDS88 there, wait 40 minutes and done, sci won.


Based also good idea.

This would be cool, then i could finaly raise a new generation of robust miners

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Dibs on atmos

Going to try to revive this for more chatter, I still think this could be a really great idea to do. How I would try to plan this would be engineering and science would be the main departments focused on. To me they have the most complicated/highest beginner error chances. Secondary departments would be service and medbay, these two departments are pretty straight foreword but always helps to know the more advanced/fancier things. Then there could be a couple of mentors teaching sec/combat if you want to take a break from the main departments.

I think with planning and organization, this could be done like two times in a month every now and them. With science and engineering being the main focus, while service/medbay is swapped, and then sec/combat would be open all the time.

This could also easily be formatted to only focus on two departments at a time, but to just have things more organically work having constant engineers and scientists would keep the station running while the people learning combat being the ones mining

I don’t know if this is possible but maybe host it on a spiecal server that isn’t always up? I think TG has a server called event hall that is only up for stuff like this?

Bee having a event server isn’t going to help, I was thinking of this event happening on gold. Would give gold a higher pop and double down one of the few things that attract people to bee, new player friendliness. That and the lack of pop cap limit on gold

I think it’s a great idea, but the logistics of handling such an event could be very difficult to achieve.

We could make a map and have it load as a gateway to sandbox it from the rest of the round, to avoid theft of school supplies or a school shooting

This will never take off until a senior min takes charge and schedules it with mentors.

And no one likes scheduling…