Mentor Application - Crystal Dolphin

Your CKEY: Engelwood

Your Discord:Big John#2912 (Not Ruth Less (Engelwood))

How long have you been playing ss13?:800 hours

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: Ivan, Grimtarg, Coraline Gween, Some Acacia regulars if they’re told 1 of my 50 character names

Game Experience (More Detailed):

I’ve played every job and have a pretty indepth understanding of each one, can answer (and have) questions reguarly, I usually teach new players how to do things rather than taking over their department till I get what i want, I usually spend my time refining knowledge and testing what I can do with it, I used to be a mentor but I ended up dealing with a lot of real life shit and moving so I wasnt active for quite some time and lost green name, and ended up coming back to resettle into sage since Golden blew up. Been spending most of my time on low pop rather than sage and hanging out with players and spreading the knowledge, might aswell have mhelps directed to me so I can answer those aswell

Available hours: I’m on during weekends and low pop hours, late at night since I dont sleep basically

Playtime: I havent got hours on hand since I’m out & about today, but I’ve got a pretty decent spread of between 10 - 30 hours in a good pool of jobs (we dont talk about my 160 hours as assistant because thats where i got my real knowledge from) so if admin man can post hours i shall be forever thankful

Now uhh ask me questions

Heads up you may want to post hours by job

please post hours, gamer

finally got back, here we go