Memer999 Player Report

In-game report:

CKEY: metroid1310

Your Discord: metroid1310#4282

Offender’s CKEY: Memer999

LRP or MRP server: LRP

Offender’s In-Game Name: Nataly Patterson

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 06-29-2020

Round Number: 17853

Rules Broken: Self-antag

Incident Description:
Memer999, Nataly, attacked the AI satellite with several TTVs in what was fairly transparently an attempt to kill me.
I’d done nothing to justify such a thing; The only reason I could think of that they had to attack me was that a scientist blood brother was going around cutting wires to shock doors, but doors being shocked is generally associated with AIs so just bomb the AI, I guess.
That said, any examination of said doors would make it clear that it was physical sabotage, not something an AI with no shell would be capable of.

As far as I had seen, there wasn’t a single instance of them announcing suspicion towards me, claiming me to be rogue, or saying that I was shocking doors.
They also never made their intentions clear after the bombing started, simply saying things such as “shut” when I attempted to draw attention to them attacking my satellite.
I assumed they were just a traitor or something, as their attempts started while I was trying to avert an SM delam, and much earlier in the round I’d noticed what I believe to be them cutting a number of cameras throughout science division immediately after I latejoined, and again, they had said nothing before coming to attack my satellite.

No attempt was made to apprehend me non-lethally, as it were; the final bomb that was detonated fell just short of actually destroying my core proper, but while failing that it did manage to knock out any power source that could sustain me. I ran on backup power for some time before dying.
I wasn’t carded after being disabled, and the blast that managed to disable me just barely fell short of directly killing me.

The most optimistic view I’ve come up with is that they were enacting vigilante justice on a basis of pitifully incomplete information alongside the faulty assumption that it had to have been me shocking doors, and doing so with extraordinarily lethal intent without even bothering to make any attempt to be certain that it was actually appropriate to remove me from the round.

Additional Information:
To further annotate my assumption that this was over shocked doors, I believe it worth mentioning that there was both a Chief Engineer and a Captain. The Chief Engineer had fixed a few shocked doors that I’d directed them to much earlier, and the Captain likely knew of this because the communication was over the Command channel. I don’t believe either of them had been approached or spoken to in any way by Nataly, as they likely would’ve mentioned such a thing to someone going to kill the AI for shocking doors.

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Any chance of this being dealt with in any capacity?
At this point it’s just weird having it hang open for so long

B u m p
Seriously admins do something its been a month