Meme goodbye megathread

Uhm Spam bad so i decided to merge all the ones that i considered to be a meme into this channel.

Edit: I just noticed that i did mess up a little bit and some of the posts didn’t get merged. I wouldn’t say anything of value was lost though. :wink:


The Fr*nch found me, I must go back into hiding before I am Frenched too!


Big Brother has found me, it is time for me to run.


I’m going to sleep, see you tomorrow!


So long Benson

i have to take a shower

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The Greeks are outside my house. They have taken out my power so I cant play beestation anymore! What should i do!!


Goodbye Beestation it was fun hanging out, but my mom is outside to pick me up. Tell me what I miss in class tomorrow ok? I can’t stay longer because I have to go to a boring music thing which will SUCK. Thanks for letting me stay over Beestation’s mom!


Nuclear operatives are outside my window, I have lost the disk.


I am dead now.


i need to use the bathroom


Become Greek or romanian But DO NOT BECOME SWEDISH

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Continue eating Mosques.


the return of constantinople… at last

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someone didnt get the joke

Literally 1984 amiright

goodbye veestation

i have realised that x, y, z and a, b, c are d

now it is e.

kind r??

They removed the Swedish mutation. Unplayable, I quit this station forever.

Goodbye goodbye threads. I just can’t handle something followed by words that are nothing but a thinly veiled attempt at seizing attention.

The quality of something I am mad about has just gotten to extremely polarized in a direction I don’t appreciate, and therefore am announcing my departure.

I will miss the members of my metagang dearly, and will outwardly name them now and only now. Something something can’t find an alternative server because furries roleplay better than me but in all the wrong ways or because LRP is fucking dead and TG killed it.

I will make some sort of statement that leaves the door open for a potential run later down the line, possibly so soon that things haven’t actually changed. By then I will have just come to terms with whatever greivance I am airing at the moment. Please ignore me basically admitting I didn’t make any active or legitimate attempt to help fix the issue, in game or otherwise.

Final repetition to make sure you understand I am in fact saying goodbye to goodbye threads.


i am tired and cannot keep playing anymore. This is my formal goodbye, it’s been an honor.