MeltingMen Banned by Admin Doktorweue

CKEY: MeltingMen

Admin’s CKEY: Doktorweue

Ban Type: Permanent. Ban evasion

Is this for both servers or just one? Both

Ban Length: Forever

Ban Date (7/20/2021):

Round ID: 27179

Ban Reason: “Likely a ban evader…”

Appeal Reason: My previous account. YO_PRETTY. was not banned.
At least i dont remember being banned. If i need to pick my ckey now. It’s MeltingMen

Additional Information: Old account is YO_PRETTY, newest is MeltingMen.
I changed to MeltingMen because YO_PRETTY is a terrible name.

I had left a note regarding your alt account and the problems it was known for elsewhere. I’m not sure how it was interpreted as ban evasion and spoke to @Doktorwueue shortly before you got this appeal up.

The ban should be lifted shortly unless I’m missing something substantial, but he’s going to want to have a word about what you were doing at the time. (Something about breaking into the HoP’s office on Sage)

i can confirm thats ruko spoke with me and notified me of this.
but breaking into the HoP office to steal Ian to ransom him for money is not ok either way

Yea. Im gonna have dinner right now. I can continue the conversation later.
Also no problem. It makes sense to think i was evading a ban.