Melee balance

last time I was here I was talking about how adding 5 damage to all Items would completely fix this game. this is called a quick fix and wouldn’t actually fix things completely. I have a small list of how much damage things should do. please consider these changes.

10 unarmed
15 everything else that would do something
25 dangerous/heavy: kitchen knives, o2 tanks, fire extinguishers, shanks
35 combat knife/robust: hatchets, butcher cleaver, toolboxes
50/75 Swords, dedicated melee: only a few of these are wieldable, but some like katana and real bastard swords (the hand and a half sword, its literally a European katana) are in real life. energy sword, double bladed energy sword
15/90 Axes/Hammers/chainsaw/greatsword
25/50 spears or 15/35 if you’re scared (they do only cost half a Iron)

just thought of something, none of these are supposed to be able to one hit, and I don’t know how much a whetstone does. please advise

gonna mention these numbers come from the stun baton. if two hits is what feels fair . . .

lower numbers :
7 unarmed
10 for unarmed perk (if it still exists)
15 everything else that would do something
17 heavy objects / kitchen knife
20 dangerous/ robust/ cleavers/ hatchets
25 combat knife
35 Swords, dedicated melee
15/40 Axe/Hammer
15/25 spear
if this seems like too much damage for a toolbox, drop it on down to 20

if this got added then the greytide would literally become even more unstoppable, which would be pretty funny. Nothing quite like being hit like two or three times with a spear and being knocked in to crit.

Jesus, no.

people should be trying to work together and help we need in rev rounds faster and better mind shielding, and people trying to be trustworthy. play the game, not the meme.

Still 2 hit crit is pretty op and unfun.

Qwerty is not my dad and cant tell me how much words i need

the alternative, Zanos, is to reduce the damage of all non-melee weapons and environmental effects by half. this includes periodic damage like toxins. disablers and ranged weapons may do 15 damage. shotguns are reduced to dealing a maximum of 45 damage. game BALENCE

Ok but what is this supposed to balance exactly?

What exactly is the issue you’re trying to solve here?

currently there is no melee weapon in the game that does damage that is on par with ANYTHING else. and in a game where you can just one shot someone with a bar of soap. well its kinda . . . odd to see this kind of anti-realism in a game that seems so happy to “teach life lessons.” life lessons like bombs blow you up in one hit.

So this isnt a balance suggestion, this is a '"“realism”"" suggestion that ignores the existence of space carp, real actual deities with functioning cults, wizards, and other sci-fi bullshit.

It would be entirely reasonable to assume humanity is just more robust in the future given the nonsensical environment they now inhabit

Just bruh.
Mega bruh.
That does not justify fire axes doing 90 damage when they can already kill in like 5 hits, and what the fuck about the 1 shot soap bar i have never seen that

Be me
grab toolbox
insulated gloves
break into bridge
grab fireaxe
literally kill all the heads in 2 hits

Be me
Grab Toolbox
Kill anyone without armor in three hits

be me, brake into sec, shove an officer steal a baton. kill everyone in two hits

Be sec
Flash, stunbaton, disabler, pepperspray at roundstart
Get robusted anyway
Hmm yes if they did more damage it would be fair

there’s the problem, -> shitsec. the sec shits that think the ENTIRE station is out to kill them. you are the problem, not your unrobust cowardice.

Bruh you’re suggesting we make the people who shove sec to get the ez kill stick be given the power to forgo fetching the kill stick and just go murderbone with a peice of glass and a rod instead.

The whole point of sec is that they have the advantage in combat. Even if they immediately lose that advantage to a banana

YER STIIIILLLLL IN A DREAAAM SNAKE EATERR. try working WITH people instead of against them. you will have fewer enemies, and some friends

This is just a greytide buff for a server where the greytide already rules. A total no from me

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I am aware, however giving players the ability to kill eachother easier will not make them buddy up. Not to mention this means the weapons that are supposed to be this kind of dangerous will become less valuable which affects the power scaling of multiple antags.

Nukies aren’t as scary when a spear can get someone to Crit in two/three hits.

get armor. the “graytide” argument does hold a lot of weight. I have another set of damage values if this really does feel like too much

7 unarmed
15 everything else
20 dangerous/heavy
25 combat knife/robust
35/45 Swords, dedicated melee
15/45 Axe/Hammer
15/25 spear