Megafuana should drop a special ore/material that you can use to craft unique items

heres the idea, you kill a megafuana, any megafuana and along with their usual loot they also drop a material you can use in hand to craft certain items

megafauna should drop different amounts depending on difficulty, blood-drunk and heiro should drop small amount but bubblegum and collosus should drop larger amounts

With these materials, one can do certain things like

  • Create new necro tendrils
  • get spiecal armour that is lava and ashstorm proof and has good defense
  • make weapons out of it that do large amounts of damage to fuana
  • can be used to upgrade your kpa/crushers damage and range
  • building cool looking walls I guess
  • magic immunity
  • does extra damage against cultists but also is stronger when wielded by a cultist
  • an item wich makes fuana passive to you (not megafauna)
  • an extremely long range ore scanner / divining rod?
  • float boots that make you immune to any effects a floor/tile has (including pits, no gravity, slime tiles, lava, space)
  • and possibly an item wich costs a lot but turns all of lavalands gas into breathable air (this would probably cause a lot of lag tough so not likely to be implemented)
  • can be turned into a fuckload of mining points if you want to make a bar or army of mining drones
  • a spiecal golem wich has a lot of these effects ( magic immunity, lava and ash immunity, high damage resistance, high punch damage, fauna friendship, built-in diving rod item that can be toggled)
  • and maybe a ripley mk 4 made out of this material wich kicks ass?

well those are my ideas, if you have any more ideas for this stuff post it below

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No. Mining is going too far into the “useless department” category. There was this other guy who proposed to make mining more focused on fighting, but instead of loot, make monsters drop ores. Now that was a kickass idea, because not only did it embrace the thing that everyone does as miner anyways (fighting) it also serves the main function (resource gathering)

Mining is in weird state right now because as soon as you get plasma cutters you pretty much don’t have to mine anymore


wow monsters dropping ores is a kickass idea for sure

Idea: increase the mats required for T2/3/4 parts exponentially?

Not sure if it’s a good idea since it would just make mining more boring and people on station would complain even more.


Anything to make mining more interesting and fauna slaying more rewarding/balanced.

Consider this thread I made a while ago as well, on the same topic (and some others)