Megabyte Report

In-game report:

CKEY: Xeapor

Offender’s CKEY: Unknown

Offender’s In-Game Name: Megabyte

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY):02/01/2022

Round Number: 35131

Rules Broken: rule 2(?) and 9

Incident Description: It’s very minor and petty, but flashed me in maints for no reason, with default lawset.

I made a report because he acts like this all the time, almost every round.

Also spent majority of round hunting antags

Additional Information: I’m sick of megabyte, he also kept spamming shitposts in announce

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They had a law to Vebally abuse the crew at all time so that explains announcements

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Yeah, but it doesn’t explain why most of them were very LRP and shitposty

Hello! Yes, I flashed you in maint when we ran past each other. Not for no reason, it was over something you said to me/about me on common channel. I don’t remember what, but that was the cause. As the clown I think you should expect some non-harmful reprisals over your actions, and accept them in good faith more than anything. I assumed you were aware at the time why I did it. I would say a report on a random flash is petty, but since I’m the reported party I’m biased. Though in that same round I was nearly lynched by a non-antag with a shotgun over the insults I broadcasted and I’m still not reporting it in comparison. I accept it as ion law ramifications.

I was under ion law to verbally abuse the crew, and most of them later were directed at a protest mob that formed outside bridge. I don’t know if you were part of them or not and might have missed context. Yes, they were intended to be cheap “I hate every single one of you lazy meatbags why did NT even hire you”. I preferred to make them blatant and common like that not just to satisfy the law, but also so people would get the idea I’m on an ion law and not hold a personal grudge. Command of course didn’t change the laws so the insults continued. I actually think this ‘insults vs the protest mob’ was fun little roleplaying event that kept the round interesting for at least 8 people that took a direct part in it.

As for the antag hunting, you weren’t even an involved party and I think are just trying to throw something extra you’re not privy to to make this post stick better, with no specific information to boot. I’m sorry this level of antagonism was generated between us and I hope it won’t manifest in future shifts and subside OOC.
I explicitly told fellow borgs in binary that round not to chase changlings and call security, and was only responding to a call by the carded-AI to save it from a changling after security was gone and armory was open for everyone. I didn’t directly engage the ling which is why I survived, unlike the mediborg that bumrushed it in engineering. I incorporated the issue as part of my insults to the crew as a way to enlist their help (which is probably the only information you were exposed to), as the ling was roaming the station’s main halls freely for 15 minutes with the AI screaming “HELP!”. The same aforementioned protest mob did chase and lynch the ling.


I made the report because I assumed your laws don’t allow random flashing of crew. IMO that counts as self antagging and is very anti-rp for a borg. Normally I would accept it, I am usually killed as clown and I have a laugh doing so.

Ok I agree here

I am saying it off the basis that people were complaining about it during and after the round, and the fact that I have seen you do it many times before.

All in all I apologise for this report as it was made in bad faith, you have explained your reasons pretty well. Admins can feel free to close this if they want, sorry to waste everyone’s time.