[Medical] Top 3 the most useful surgery items poll

  • Scalpel
  • Circular saw
  • Surgical drill
  • Hemostat
  • Retractor
  • Cautery
  • Drapes/Bedsheet (I mean you can exclude this one but what if…)
  • Fuck it I use ghetto (item in comments)

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Drapes, hemo, scalpel. Every surgery uses atleast two of these

separate drapes and bedsheet. they’re not the same ethically.

surgical drill ftw


No its 2021


Time traveler???!!11?


Come on, cauterizing is awesome.

mfw surgical drill winning over saw and cautery kek

since this is for most useful and not most used, my vote goes for scalpel.

why? well, to do most surgeries, but most importantly tending, you need hemo, scalpel and cautery. this narrows the selection to the three.

out of these, only scalpel is also a cutting implement and something you can defend yourself with.

so that’s my vote.

yep, drill goes to bottom. Expected since it’s almost never used

I wish people did more teeth implants. If anything to just RP being a real spy and making a cyanide pill, making a gondola pill if you really want to fuck with people and randomly become a gondola (activate it after eating food made by the chef to cause panic), or just basic healing meds.

I think people either don’t know or it’s already a pain sometimes getting surgery that isn’t required from doctors typically. I’ve done it a few times as a miner, mostly stacking it with getting a legion core implanted in my chest and then synthflesh pill.

Chainsaw best surgery tool

cant fail surgery on dead bodies.
get a bunch of Formaldehyde (Ethanol Silver Oxygen heated to 420k)
kill someone
Take em to maint after injecting them with 2u to brainwash them and fix them up before reviving.
Have bedsheets, Knife/glass shard (scalpel), screwdriver/wirecutters (Retractor), an axe or butchers cleaver (circular saw), Wirecutters (hemostat) and a welder or lighter (cautery).

Now i dont remember if you could still just stunprod or throw people in an electrified grille to defib, but yeah.

Most useful is obviously wirecutters

Exosuit mining drill
The obvious choice

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