Medical Cryopod rework (Bounty)

Bounty payout details:

  • $40, payable via Steam or PayPal preferably. (Price and platform Negotiable)
  • Will pay for finished code even if not merged on Bee

Machine specs and info:

  • Machine functions like a fusion between current cryopod/sleepers, as a resource efficient chemical treatment machine, but no longer infinite chem treatment machine

    • Machines require reagents to be manually added, but may accept any reagents instead of being restricted to only select medicines. Roundstart machines should have a crate near them with assorted bottles of basic medical reagents (detailed further down)

    • Sleeping patients (either drugged or cryo) inside of the pod will receive boosted chemical efficiency based on the machine’s part upgrades. This gives an actual, functional use for morphine, even if somewhat marginal compared to cryo-mode

    • “Cryo-mode” is a feature that can be toggled anytime the machine is stocked with Cryoxadone. While this is active, patients are put to sleep, then chilled and constantly micro-dosed (add 1u any tick that less than 3u is present in patient) with Cryoxadone until the machine ejects the patient. Cryo-mode automatically disables when the machine runs out of Cryoxadone, which will also allow the patient to wake up.

    • “Auto Eject” will dump patients (unceremoniously on the floor if unconscious) out of the machine when their health is full, just like current cryopods.

    • Patients may exit the machine at any time if they are conscious - there is no locking function on the machine so intentional entrapment will be at least somewhat difficult. Naturally patients may only be injected with chems after being closed in the machine as well.

    • Does not require the arbitrary atmos setup that current cryopods do to function - just needs to be loaded with chemicals and be in a powered room.

    • When emagged, Cryo-mode will operate without injecting any cryoxadone, slowly killing the patient via freezing and ejecting their corpse after they have died. Additionally, trying to inject any chems into a patient will result in a 50/50 chance of attempting to add 30u or destroying 30u of a randomly selected chem.

  • Three part UI

    • Control buttons for: Initiate Cryo-mode, Auto-eject (On/Off), Open/Close,

    • Display patient’s vitals and current reagents (like sleepers currently do)

    • Display currently stored reagents in a way similar to ChemMaster3000 - Buttons for dosing at 1, 5, 10u (and an X which will destroy 10u of that reagent)

  • Stock Parts:

    • Four beakers - maximum reagent storage (200u roundstart, 1200u max upgrades)

    • One Manipulator - Controls reagent efficiency while patients are asleep. 25% Boost at T1 and 70% at T4 with a linear upgrade path (25, 40, 55, 70)

    • One Scanning Module - Controls how quickly cryo-mode puts patients to sleep, should not be instantaneous at T4 to prevent easily weaponizing the machine.

    • One Micro Laser - Controls how quickly cryo-mode chills patients, being near instantaneous at T4.

    • The difference between T1 and T4 Scanning Modules/Micro Lasers should be noticeable but not huge. The total initiation process should not feel especially sluggish with T1 parts.

Other changes to include in the PR:

  • Cargo: Add a somewhat pricey “Cryo-chem crate” to the medical tab. It should contain:

    • 2 Bottles of Cryoxadone
    • 1 Bottle of Morphine
    • 1 Bottle of Bicaridine
    • 1 Bottle of Kelotane
    • 1 Bottle of Epinephrine
    • 1 Bottle of Charcoal
  • Mapping: Replace all sleepers with stasis beds in all station medbays

  • Mapping: Remove unnecessary atmos leftovers from old cryopods (O2 canister, atmos piping and freezer) from all medbays

  • Mapping: Replace the glass table with four, partially filled beakers of cryoxadone with a Cryo-Chem Crate that has double the stock of the ones you order from Cargo (since there are two pods to fill)

  • Other: Make sleeper circuit boards unobtainable via conventional means

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Well since it doesnt have a lock, emagging the machine should also give it a locking function and the ability to put dangerous chems in it. That way its A: Easily noticeable and B: Serves an traitor function in some capacity.

That’s what I fucking forgot from my original post, the planned emag effect.

Your welcome.


I lost the entire original post at one point while I was typing it. I’m pretty sure that was the only thing I lost when re-typing it up though.

Does this sound like a happy compromise between infinite sleepers and being completely reliant on chemists/doctors to exist and care? Particularly asking in regards to the supply of roundstart basic chems and ability to easily restock them via Cargo in case of methsploded chemlab or similar situations.

Yeah and i can see this change being accepted really quickly due to the massive powergaming potential.

maybe have sleepers be a late-game tech that uses power cells?

cant wait to be forced to tend wounds on people with 5 damage
truly the roleplay we deserve

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medibots, borgs and regular medicine still exist

How the fuck do medibots even work? They dont do anything for me. Ever. I stand next to one for 5 minutes and nothing happens.

I brought this bounty to a coder friend of mine who worked on the sleepers prior, might have some creative insight to help with this bounty. I’ll DM you if he’s interested.

The real question is-how well are chemicals transferring from pool to players that are swimming in them?

Maybe instead of putting 40$ out there to create new device we could use existing content

Pools have both the temperature control and possibility to add chems into them, just few days ago we we merged anesthetic tank holders and while I haven’t used them I bet we could put any sort of tanks in them.

So we could have these 1 or 2 tile wide pools with temperature set according to needs, medstaff would have to monitor temp and chem content as well as make sure that tanks with anesthetic and, what’s more important, oxygen are still full and masks are put on patients properly so they won’t drown

My idea would use existing content, which always seems like a better solution than adding objects with one specific purpose, you would save 40$ and I believe my proposal actually fits your vision (at least as far as I understand it) of medbay-medbay staff would have to actually monitor temp and chems in pools, gas in tanks on holder, check if players in pools have masks put on or they would drown, monitor their health as they are being cured by solution and take them out when time comes (I can only imagine frost damage once Cryoxadone is gone or causing an overdose so I guess chem proportions would matter as well). Its not magic, its a more grounded solution than sleepers, would require more operations than just throwing people in cryopod and would require paying some attention, while not necessary being a burden and chore.
Just throwing it out there, I’m not playing as medic and I’m not sure how well pools would actually work out (but I guess we could tweak that in code if we’re not satisfied), so I’m waiting for feedback from others

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I like this idea but one thing i would add is that this wouldnt require much in the way of map changes. Removing the patient rooms, cryo rooms, sleeper areas, and surgery observation would leave plenty of space for a lot of such pools.

While I like the idea you have quite a bit, my focus with this specific PR is not to make medbay more complex. The focus is two part; first is merging two remarkably similar machines into one, second is removing infinity from the equation without dramatically impacting current gameplay.

This is not really creating one new machine with overlap so much as this machine is intended to replace two machines.

Compared to sleepers - all the same chems are immediately available through a near identical interface - they’re just no longer infinite and upgrades are tied to a chemist rather than part research.

Compared to Cryo - the roundstart setup is slightly altered but still quite simple and accessible with supplies laying nearby (provided nobody stole the crate)

Considering i see chemists walk to the pool basically every round and just drop a beaker of SF into the pool. His idea doesnt make medbay more complex.

They must be dumping other stuff in or you’re overselling it

because in my testing healing through pool synthflesh is really slow and inefficient. pool filter also can’t even hold very much and it’ll be exhausted by a guy sitting in there for just like a minute or two

I never said it was efficient or gave a reasoning. XD People must think its effective.

Also i think it actually depends upon the size of the pool. We might want to test that.

I wouldn’t say complex since we’re not really adding any new mechanisms, we’re using things that are already in game. Its more of making doctors pay attention and check on patients instead of just clicking button or two and being done since nothing wrong can happen from this point

In theory pools would achieve what you want. Chems in them would not be infinite and upgrades would be tied to chemist. Using them for cryotreatment would be as easy as putting Cryoxadone and setting temperature as low as its needed.

As said, I’m not playing medical so I’m not pushing this idea since I’m not competent enough to say how healing players should actually look like, it just kinda seems to tick all the boxes in my mind. I just looked at the problem and asked myself-what do we have already in game that could work in similar way and half of what I came up depends on tank holders which are made specifically for medic, doctors are already familiar with them

One thing is sure, we can have it mapped in no time, without need to make sprites and to invent something new. Possible tweaking how effective chems in pools are would be needed but I can’t imagine that being too complicated, would probably require changing a value or something like that, but someone wiser who understands Matrix would have to actually take a look at code and tell us how all that really works

Giving that I am from TG (with the infamous medbay rework) I must say that I think medbay is a little bit too easy here. That does however not mean the items should be removed.
Removing things is usually bad from a game design perspective, it would be better to add more injuries and illnesses et cetera that require more intensive support than just putting someone in the tube for a bit.

That was surprisingly fast. And it actually looks good their.

If only i knew how to even get the maps much less edit them.