Mechasonic5 Player Report

CKEY: TeomanTheGreat

Your Discord: TeomanTheGreat

Offender’s CKEY: Mechasonic5

Offender’s In-Game Name: Dwight Garp

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 7/15/2022

Round Number: 39302

Rules Broken: Rule 13

Incident Description: The round is revs. Dwight, the viro who was a rev, releases a virus with the clown symptom (i forgot what it’s called). This wouldn’t be bad at all if it weren’t for the fact that it gives people clumsy. So now none of his fellow revs can use guns against sec who are armored. Now we cut to me. Im a rev with a stolen shotgun. I flank the captain in sec and fire my shotty but since i was sick with the virus i blasted myself in the face with it. Down I go. Eventually, the revs did win but honestly, viros shouldn’t just release shitty viruses without giving their teammates an accessible cure (completely feasible to do it in the chem fridge since sec and command never left brig in the late game of the round or at least never came to med as it was full of revs).

Additional Information:


The round immediately after, Garp tries tiding into the kitchen, so i shove him out because i don’t want him contaminating food, then he comes back later in the round and proceeds to shoot me with multiple virus syringes in retaliation.

*editted for clarification


I’ll deal with this report today! :+1:

The player has been contacted on discord, I told them about this report.
I’ll wait to hear their perspective before taking any action.

Oh hey, yea i did that i totally forgot about the clumsy part and what clumsy did, i also screwed up on the virus it was meant to be on contact, but instead i was one point off and made it air-born purely on accident and released it i apologized to the fellow revs in the round when i could, retrospective i should have tried to make the cure and kept it on my person handing the cure out to as many as possible. But, rev rounds are so fast these days i didn’t know it was going to take so long for revs to win and even if i did the chemist revs were too busy making bombs. So yes it was my fault but rushed jobs have loose ends, and when you working in virology.

I also wish to let people know that I try to be honest and not forcefully withhold part of the story, as i know i wouldn’t want somebody i filed a report on to do the same.

I also enjoy your server and admins despite the removal of some of my favorite symptoms (i have half a mind to try and actually code an admin only spawn of the old audio graphed necrosis as it was a dope feature.) which i may or may not have caused by me over using it for other shifts (Romaral zombies when in empty clones ((this makes them safe to use as they have no minds)) make immortal beings you can use for various medical applications.)

Not to mention this is the only server that has the admins i remember from 2 years back that were fun-loving and are not stone-cold robots.

So, I still want to be in good graces before i leave for a bit and take a break so i can cope with the loss of the symptom.

Oh also about the second one you mentioned I got permission from a moderator to do that, also to be clear it was meant to be a joke or a prank.

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This was round ID: 39305
Handled by a moderator in game, if you disagree with how they handled it you have to make an admin report, sorry.

So, the virologist let loose this virus:

was infected by virus: clown revs revenge, last modified by: mechasonic5 symptoms:Polyvitiligo, Blob Spores (neutered), Sneezing (neutered), Pierrot’s Throat and Inorganic Biology resistance:17 stealth:-3 speed:1 transmission:11

Pierrot’s Throat at Resistance 15: gives clumsiness (christ why do i need to codedive to get these info)

You purposefully gave high enough resistance to make people clumsy.
You say it’s accidental, but the treshold isn’t easy to reach. You chose to get it to 17.

However, it doesn’t seem like you purposefully released it:
“sorry if it was this wide spread it was suposed to be slower”
“i whent one over and it decided to go air born”
“get toi med bay and make krokodil its mostly harmless mostly to fuck with security”

Remember that virology is dangerous, and a mistake might ruin the round for others. You need to be very careful as a virologist.

Report processed