banned by Moccha


Admin’s CKEY: Moccha

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: LRP server

Ban Type: server

Ban Length: Permanent ban

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 11-25-2019

Round ID: 9494

Ban Reason: Ban reason: “killed a cultist without a valid reason, DCed before bwoink”

Appeal Reason: I think is better if I explain the situation from my point of view. I joined the round as a sec officer at more or less 15 mins in, after patrolling for a bit I saw that someone had emped brig near where the lathe is located, so I went to the holodeck to inspect maintenance near brig. Saw a cult airlock and the chef, chef rushed me so I flashed him and killed him with a shotgun. Got his body back to brig so he would not get revived by fellow cultist and that was the end of it. Or so I thought, after I died ten minutes after that incident, I ghosted a while and left the game. Now that I have free time I come back to play and see that I am perma banned, so here we are.

Additional Information:

  • Cult was confirmed way before I had arrived, hence I got armed with lethals
  • The chef did not said a word before he rushed me, making me believe he wanted to kill me.
  • To be fair, I had no idea if what I did was against the rules. Not to sound like a smartass about the topic. I think I just did what any goody two shoes sec officer would had done when a space cultist tried to sacrifice him to dark gods.
    -I find it funny that I got baned for this. Not even bowinked the whole time I was in the round.

To be honest killing the chef was a bit of over escalation considering how you had non-lethal options but since you came to explain in the forums i will just remove the ban and note you , please avoid this next time

thats fair. Thanks for replying so early.