Mcrideinspace security ban dallen9

CKEY: mcrideinspace

Admin’s CKEY: dallen9

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: LRP

Ban Type: Job Ban

Ban Length: 1 Week

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):

Round ID: 12363

Ban Reason: LRP - Self-Antag - As security, went on to the whiteship immediately shooting two people using it. Seemed to be random, disconnected immediately after dieing to them. Appeal on forums to explain your side if you’d like.

Appeal Reason:

Im playing security during a busy LRP shift and I catch 2 traitors mid shift, the HoS is leniant today and agrees to send them to the white ship in exile, stripping them of there gear headed by evertt garisson. About 10-20 minutes after I catch both of them, armsky starts going off, I run to the armoury and the warden lets me in, there is no one in the armoury but a hull breach, I grab a hardsuit and run outside to space, run along to the right and the whiteship is parked outside the HoS’s office, putting 2 and 2 togther I realise they probably just robbed the armoury, I break onto the ship with the warden following me, but they managed to fly away before the warden got on, stranded alone on there ship I got in a lethal gun fight (assuming the conformed traitors had half the armory on them) and lost, dying.

Feels like a bad read of the situaiton by the admin, admittedly I logged off about 5 minutes later because I didnt think there would be an issue with me losing in a firefight with obvious antags.

can we also talk about how much of a banbaiting cuck you have to be to rob the armory with the whitehsip with two known traitors on board and then ahelp as you kill the security officer trying to stop you from doing that
Additional Information:



this guy has been cap/headbanned/secbanned like a million times for overescalation and shitcurity behavior so considering that he’s probably lying his ass off here I personally dealt with him going full shitcurity by proxy as cap because the admeme forgot to apply the sec/headban to cap and he was just validhunting/shitcuritying as cap and he ended up getting another like 2 months of sec/headban for his retardation so this is probably more of the same and he’s probably lying in the ahelp same way he did before

yea just checked the man has like 5 different shitcurity bans and one perma for murderbone plus powergame/retardation on MRP ban

not relevant to the round, ask the warden of that round for there perspective and they will mirror what I said, its exactly what happened.

the round logs will show armsky going off and me grabbing a hardsuit, then a ensuing firefight on the whiteship like 10 seconds later with two actual antags (I had personally caught them earlier with traitor gear)

hardly sounds like im being a power tripping asshole when I caught and released two known traitors, things only got lethal when they decided to smash grab the armoury.

There were no logs of everett being in the armory, but seems he was heavily involved so your actions don’t seem as rash. TBH when i ghosted it, they were docked at arrivals so i didnt know how much the armory played a role in this. Thanks for giving your side of the story.

Jobban removed.