Mcrideinspace sec ban - Pixelman77

CKEY: mcrideinsapce

Admin’s CKEY: pixelman77

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: both

Which server did the ban happen on? lrp

Ban Type: Security job ban

Ban Length: 10 days

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 13/09/2020

Round ID: 21238

Ban Reason: As HOS, killed HOP for securing cap’s gun and because some people had AA, and he thought it could only be HOP’s doing. claims he did not know he was HOP and acting cap yet he claimed he handed out AA because only HOP had AA other than him. has a long history of shit sec behaiviour

Appeal Reason: I believe its unjust

Additional Information:

So, let me give you perspective

Its a high pop (90 players+) LRP round, I spawn as HoS, roundstart I rush to the caps office due to no cap and secure the spare + disk (at the time we had no HoP, I was acting cap)

Halfway thru the round I head back to the caps office to check up on it and notice the caps laser missing, I call the detective and he scans it, the forensic report indicates it is Wang Kellidy, so I set a warrant on them (job was simply listed as ‘E’ on the manifest) and forget about it as its a ling round and I have 100 things to take care of

Later on one of my sec officers brings Wang in, im dealing with a perma riot (this happened while 3 prisoners where tearing a sec officer limb from limb in perma) from a quick examine there is nothing to indicate that wang was the HoP; I had already checked the manifest earlier, they never spoke in command chat ect, so all im presented with is someone with no HoP gear, with the caps laser (I knew he had it without having to search him, he was the only person linked forensicly to the gun) and AA, being acting captain at the time I execute them and deal with other shit.

I got banned later because it turns out they where, according to Pixelman not valid; my reasoning was that they from my perspective had seemed to have handed AA out to everyone on the station, considering by at this point id seen about 20 crew just run into sec/the armory with AA, and I was the only person with the caps spare, I had recently checked the crew manifest and no HoP was listed so I was at a dead end.

My problems with the ban are Pixelman assumes I should have known HoP was acting captain, thus entitled to the caps laser gun. My issue with that is that the HoP was a late join, I was the roundstart acting captain. Furthermore, they apparntly got robbed and that is how AA got leaked; yet they did not report this to security despite having AA on time of arrest.

My only quesiton is, how was I suppossed to know any of this? The HoP did not inform me that they had lost there ID or that they even existed, meaning I had to assume he handed it out on purpose; I believe they had the duty to do that considering its implications on a 90 pop LRP round. They looked like on first glance a traitor with valid gear, and I was dealing with a riot at the time.

A week ban seems p.shitty considering none of it would have happened with any communication from the HoP

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“lost” his AA ID, after securing AA for themselves of course.

also to clarify the ban reason, I knew there was a HoP on board (otherwise who could have leaked AA?)

I just found out the HoP was Wang after I got boinked, so reffered to that in the adminhelp, I had no idea at the time of execution and had no realistic way of knowing considering they wherent listed on the manifest and that it was also a ling round.

The only hint I could have gotten was the announcement of them arriving mid round, which considering I was dealing with prison riots and changelings on a 90 pop round where the chat is moving a mile a minute it can’t really be expected of me to catch that

Ah, yes, HOP decides to give himself AA and look like an unknown. IMO you’re in the right.

Alright, you say you did not know he was HOP or acting cap, yet in the ticket, you blamed him for mass handing AA. And the problem is you just took him into brig and killed him in cold blood instead of askung him to explain.

On second thought, I feel like I might’ve over reacted a bit when applying this ban. I apologize and I’ll lift this when i get back online. The murder was mainly due to confusion with the job name change which is more like HOP’s fault.

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Hold up

That literally reads: Killed someone for being valid to me.

The only items which may be “secured” by anyone other than the rightful owner are the nuclear disk (because the round will inevitably explode otherwise) and the captain’s spare ID because it was council ruled as being an exception to the unique items rule. Taking any other valuable unique from its spawning location should only be done by the rightful owner of the item or by an antagonist.

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and I’ve asked several admins and have had discussions about caps gun as hop. I’ve been taking it as hop to secure it, securing caps items shouldn’t be a crime because the whole point is to secure caps stuff until he gets here, by not securing caps gun cap is unable to get his stuff.

I was the acting cap, HoP technically stole it from me

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