Mc_meiler Mentor Application woah what

Your CKEY: Mc_meiler

Your Discord: mc_meiler#8054

How long have you been playing ss13?: Around 3-ish months (Yes, I’m aware it’s not a lot.)

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: @KazooBard

Game Experience (More Detailed):


I’ll be completely honest, I only have a basic understanding of atmos and engine setups, though I’ve been working on fixing those holes in my knowledge lately.

You might know me as “That one mean oozeling CMO that everyone hates”, though I know (a lot) more than “oh theres a corpse, clone he”, as you may know.

I consider myself fairly competent in most subjects of the science department, though I can take my time with some of the more complex areas like toxins.

Low service hours come from me being too scared of playing a job like Chef or Bartender as a newer player due to being intimidated by the game at first, and thus I never really picked up on those jobs as I became more comfortable with SS13.

Low Silicon hours due to me generally not being a fan of playing them, though I know some things about them.

Not a lot to say about cargo, as being a part of glorious Cargonia is basically being an assistant with more access, in my opinion, at least.

Now about antags, there’s a few issues. I’ve never had the chance to play cult at a time where I wasn’t mentally absent, and I’ve only had the chance to play wizard once. I am by far not experienced with a lot of rarer antags.


looks cool +1 but assistant hours a bit low


Mc_meiler is a competent member of the medical personel that is familiar with the department and how the various tools work. I think that despite average playtime they have learned at the very minimum engineering and understand piping. I have seen them work with toxins as well and service as a department is more about looking up recipes in the cases of the cook and bartender.

They learn fast and are a good addition to the sometimes lacking mentor amount on golden, when I find myself the only mentor for a couple of rounds at a time.


Seems fine to me +1.


I’m not sure what it’s worth, i’m not a mento or even a mint, but I’d totally vouch for navy they’re a fun crewmate and an extremely frustrating, but fun enemy


For the amount of times i have seen you as an CE How come you have no hours as one?

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I was probably impersonating the CE at that point, or you’re mixing me up with someone else

Oh well.

1: Best way to cool down a room?
2: Room is spaced, how fix?
3: What air alarm mode do you use to purge toxic gases?
4: How make Tritium?
5: As an AI, how do i talk to my borgs?
6: AI Malf, what do?
7: A borg has gone rogue and is no longer synced, how do you fix it without killing it?
8: How setup Tesla/Singulo?
9: How do i open the fireaxe container thing without breaking the glass?

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I would either space it, repair the breach and refill it, or use ATMOS resin.

Repair all walls and floor tiles, then either set the air alarm to refill (assuming the room has ventilation), or drag an air can into the room and open it.

Either Draught or Contaminated.

Mix Plasma and O2 in an ~3% Plasma to 97% O2 mix, then ignite it, and voila, after a while you should be making tritium. Don’t forget to scrub it out as you create it, as it will create water vapor if it burns.


I’d grab the ion rifle, a few beakers of thermite, bust into the AI sat, disable the turrets, melt the rwall next to the AI core and destroy it, assuming the AI didn’t completely bunker its sat.

2 ways to do this, depending on your access level:

If you’re the RD, remotely lock it down, ID (assuming its cover is locked), crowbar, hands, drop powercell, screwdriver, then cut and mend the AI sync wire.

If you’re a roboticist, it’s practially the same, though you cannot remotely lock it down, so you need to keep flashing it every few seconds as it will likely try to defend itself. Optionally cut the lockdown wire to save on flash uses

There’s a guide on the wiki.
BeeStation Wiki - Singularity and Tesla engines

Use a multitool on it, then use your grubby hands to open it, and you have acquired one of the two fireaxes on the station.

Hope the answers are at least somewhat acceptable.

All correct. Good job.


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1: how do I put as much gas as possible into a canister?

2: what is hypernob good for in toxins and how do I make it?

3: someone has split personality how do you fix it?

4: how do you turn Miasma back into o2?

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time for some cool questions
how make cyborg?
how make gygax?
what extract makes you fast?
ai ded, how fix?

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Sorry for late answers, had a long day.

Cool the gas down as much as possible beforehand.

Hypernob stops other gases from reacting if it’s above 5 moles. You can make it by fusing N2 and tritium at absurd temperatures, if I recall correctly above 5000000K or something.

Depends on the severity of the brain trauma. If it’s minor, neurine works just fine, for severe trauma you need to do brain surgery (however certain viruses and nanites can fix these just fine as well). Deep-rooted traumas require a lobotomy to be performed, which causes another random, permanent trauma as a side effect. And if it’s permanent… Assume it’s your life now.

I’ll be honest, no clue.

Make all the borg parts, attach the limbs to the endoskeleton, add 2 flashes to the head before attaching it, add a power cell and wire to the torso before attaching it. After the endoskeleton is done, add an active MMI or a posibrain for a normal cyborg, or a BORIS module for an AI shell.

After printing all gygax parts (including central control, weapon control and peripherals modules), also print a scanning module, capacitor and power cell, which you should charge while you assemble the gygax. Add all its parts to the chassis, wrench, screwdriver, wire, wirecutters, add the central control module, screwdriver, add the peripherals module, screwdriver, add the weapon control module, screwdriver, add the scanning module, screwdriver, add the capacitor, screwdriver, add the power cell, screwdriver, add 5 iron, wrench, weld, add armor plates, wrench, weld, and congratulations, you’ve made yourself a gygax!

(I know this sucks to read but eh)

Stabilized light pink

Card the dead AI, go to RD’s office, slap that bad boy into the computer and repair it there. You can put it in RD’s tablet or other modular computers with the same program as well.

Good answers, +1 from me

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slapping a radical +1 onto this
currently 6+ i think

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How is it useful for toxins?

I’m gonna be real and say I’ve never seen someone use hypernob in toxins, no idea what it’d be useful for there.

It can hold the most heat per mole. This is useful because the bigger the temperature difference the bigger the explosion.

Still I like the answers I will give you my +1

it’s the only way of attaining a 50k research bomb, a bomb of plasma + tritium/oxygen will only achieve some 42-44k in the most optimal composition. (but more commonly only around 40k when people speedrun it)