Maxoesss (Owen McShain) Player Report

   CKEY: Dream Crusha

   Your Discord: 

   Offender’s CKEY: Maxoesss

   LRP or MRP server: MRP

   Offender’s In-Game Name: Owen McShain

   Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 12/10/2019

   Round Number: 10095

   Rules Broken: 7. Antag Conduct

   Incident Description: Killed at least 9 players for no apparent reason.

   Additional Information:

Maxoesss was Owen McShain the Assistant and survived as Yah Nan
Changeling ID: Mr. Zeta.
Genomes Extracted: 9

Objective #1: Extract 6 compatible genomes. Success!
Objective #2: Assassinate Ward Stamos, the Cook. Success!
Objective #3: Escape on the shuttle or an escape pod with the identity of Bernard Sanders, the Chief Engineer while wearing their identification card. Fail.
The changeling has failed.

He met the requirements. The issue, in this case, is not the player, but it is an issue with the gamemode itself, which incentivises and encourages random killings

I’d say there’s a difference between killing to absorb, killing to eliminate witnesses, and just killing.

In this case it seemed like just killing for no reason most of the time, some of the people were surely witnesses. Some of the other people he also killed were just walking along minding their own business.

Well, I do want to point out that on the shift that dreamcrusha is referring to, he asked me, an IPC lawyer to come help him defib some one. Then he tried to flash bulb and kill me with a welding torch, before I escaped him. I had never even seen his murders, and I wasn’t a target, so I think he just kills for the sake of killing, which would be fine on LRP, but this is MRP.

Got an objective to absorb people, I’m gonna absorb them. Blame the gamemode/objectives. Anyone I didn’t absorb after killing them I couldn’t because too many people came running in or other shit. It is what it is, lings are poopoo, go complain about it and maybe something will change.

I asked the IPC though because he was seemingly nosey while I wanted to absorb the guy so seemed like a good way to get rid of him.

You can literally DNA sting to get genomes.

You can also absorb them, what’s your point? Are you saying that on MRP lings are only allowed to sting people for genomes?

Why did you have to keep killing people after you had completed your objective? All the people you killed after you completed your objective were just minding their own business.

Considering mark suckerburg almost banned me for “excessive absorption,” yes, I am. Murderboning six people to absorb them when you can instead DNA sting them is exactly the issue.

shut up you libtard, his objective was to absorb/dna sting 6 people. Killing does the exact same thing and is therefor a valid strat.

Hahaha antag killing people bad pls ban me angery…
Tfw he literally only did what he was supposed to, bruh

The problem is not in the observed behavior, because if it was then this would have been closed immediately. The problem is in the pattern of behavior of the player, especially on the medium roleplay server, hence why it is still open and I assume going to be investigated further.

Also, as Zesk said, the objective itself does not agree with the higher roleplay nature of MRP

you joined the staff team, only to leave it less than 2 days later because “you could not handle it”.

The reason this player report is still open is due to the fact that its a technical grey area inside the rules. Both stinging and full absorption works, although full absorpotion is a fool proof method.

If an objective or antag does not agree with MRP, why have it enabled at all? dummy zesk

How is absorption a fool-proof method?
DNA-stinging is faster, and less obvious to anyone who comes around a corner in maint.

absorption gives you rerolls, and if you accidentally absorb another ling, you can get le epic extra dna points and chems. Also, dna stinging gives “You feel a tiny prick” iirc

If you need to reroll 6 times in a round, something is wrong.
Also, absorbing another ling without an objective to do so is kinda dickish.
I don’t recall if stinging gives a message to the recipient or not.

I left the team because it wasnt for me. Nothing to do with me handling it, I handled it just fine. Also irrelevant keep it on topic.

You recall incorrectly.

there’s no rp reason a changeling wouldn’t absorb people instead of dna sting as it gives them a mood buff and is basically like eating to them also changelings are massive fucking dicks in canon