Maxoesss banned by ZodrakDovah - Owen McBruh 2: Electric Boogaloo

CKEY: Maxoesss

Admin’s CKEY: ZodrakDovah(?)

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Both

Ban Type: Server

Ban Length: Permanent

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 2019-09-27

Round ID: 7426

Ban Reason: For you owen i’m changing it to the support of breaking antag conduct as the cause for handcuffing batoning, disabling, and beating, non antags as well as using a ling to search out other lings, suggesting that and using it to directly gain an unfair advantage and ruin ALL of the changeling’s rounds as non antag using the help of a ling, you also were overall harassing players such as spam disabling and batoning multiple security officers and handcuffing them, because they wanted your ling friend. I deeply apologize for my quick write out of your reason and ban. Also using the hear/say claim from derp to identify and kill lings is also on hear/say breaking the validity rule, tallying it up you have broken rules 1, 2, 4, and 7, attacking players that are not valid (unrevealed changelings), and overall harassing a large amount of people. The reason for a perma was on the agreement that next time you commit a ban worthy action, your perma-ban would be re-instated. I am deeply sorry for not justifying exactly what your ban cause was and copying and pasting other bans, sadly it is true that there is no way to prove meta communications without infringing on your privacy but this does directly prove you have broken the rules this round in the logs i will paste at the bottom of this response.

Appeal Reason: Because why not

Additional Information: Long story short. I met Alfred in game, found out he was a ling but didn’t want to do team ling shit because it was aids. I asked him if had an ability to fish out other lings, wich he had.

We proceeded to dust most of the lings on board by filtering them out through a method of first pinpointing them (him telling me what direction to go) and then using his screech to see who was unaffected. Appearantly a former staff member who fucking headslugged and then got his slug beaten to death cried about this a bit and somehow this was an invalid kill.

Some sec officers also got temporarily non lethally stunned, mostly because they were spraying lethals around to murder the non-threatening ling who was aiding the crew and who literally was missing both his legs, shooting bystanders (including me) in the process. As well were they actively trying to save the life of a ling who was killing crew members. So I guess that was self antag on my part to stun and cuff them temporarily to get away.

I initially got accused of metacomms. When full logs got posted and disproved those claims the mental gymnastics essay above suddenly changed into the ban reason. I feel the ban was put on me more so just to ban than being about any rules, the reason for the ban itself being irrelevant (seeing as it can appearantly just be changed on the fly).

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I was initially in support of your appeal, which I still am.

The logs that I had posted on the old forums showed that you weren’t metacommunicating, and what you had done was questionable, sure, but I wouldn’t say it’d account for a permanent ban.

Seeing as 2~ months have passed, I’d say this ban, even if it’s justified, has served it’s time. I’ll leave this up for some time so that others can put in their 2 cents, but unless the banning Admin shows up or someone brings up a really good point I’m for an unban.

Even with the new reason this is pretty much the lings fault for betraying their antag role. Owen was just along for the ride and had no reason not to be. At worst you could keep the ban on for validhunting on hearsay but the screech method is pretty effective (unless they had ear protection) and it’s LRP so that line is pretty darn fuzzy.

10/10 would unban again. Even if only due to the time.

Be antag
Hate it
IC help a non-antag destroy the antag you hate being
Non-antag is banned because ???
Fuck changelings and what is this ban

Ling screech ignores ear protection, the ONLY method to ignore it is to be a ling

Just to clarify, was this bad because the ling was a team ling, right? Because I assumed regular lings could screw each other over by any means they liked if they were in the mood to hunt each other.

Hm yes, banning someone for IC killing antags
Only based thing is alfred who cucked other team objective lings when he had the team objective, l o l e

Allow me to list all the ways Zodrak messed this up:

  • Gave false ban reason originally
  • Lied to council about obvious metacomms despite logs showing contrary
  • Has previously falsely permabanned Max for the same false reason
  • Obscured the fact that he was accusing metacomms in bwoinks to try to get incriminating quotes from Max (for the previous perma)
  • Admitted that there was no proof of metacomms in bwoinks, banned anyway for “metagaming” (which isn’t even against the rules), but left ban reason as metacomms.
  • Gave other person banned (derpy) a permaban for what normally results in a weeklong team antag ban for no reason other than because he could.


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As this is obviously devolving into something that I’d rather not have on the forums I will be locking this thread. Admins can feel free to share their thoughts.

EDIT: To clarify, the appeal has not been concluded yet.

…well fuck you’re right about the screech thing. In which case that’s an entirely viable ling validation method.

Oh yeah the thread’s locked. @Caecilius basically covered all there needs to be said so unless something is new is brought up I’ll lift the ban tomorrow.

As teamlings, validhunting and killing other lings without confirming their objectives, combined with your other past cases of shittery. I do not support an unban for this, regardless of the controversy surrounding the ban.

Y’know Owen wasn’t the ling, right.


if so, this is a case of self antagging and incredibly blatant metafriending

How is killing antags as a non-antag self antagging?

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Cooperating with an antagonist is, especially when we know the one who is doing so is known for actively seeking out and killing antags

You make it sound like actively seeking and killing antags is a bad thing.

Their methods were questionable, but they both took a gigantic risk. Alfred risked getting lynched by the crew by revealing his antag status (and got banned for going against team objectives) while Owen risked his life standing side by side with a ling. It’s a creative way to play the game, and is basically the same thing as a crew-friendly wizard.

The only problem here is with Alfred going against his team objectives, which he has already served the time for.


I mean

Cargo cooperates with antags constantly because nullcrates.

IAAs suck HOS’s dick for protection

Dynamic: exists
Antag 1 attacks Antag 2 with Crew because Antag 2 is a bigger threat than antag 1 (See: Lings vs Blob. That happens very often.)

Some traitors or even malf AIs convince the crew/captain/someone of aiding them with X in exchange of not killing them (Remember that time Grog exchanged nullcrates for his own greentext with cap?)

Friendly wizards exist too.

Kinda bs in my opinion to say no to his unban because of that. He didn’t kill any innocent crewmembers.
I think.

Aight I’m lifting the ban since its been long enough and nobody brought up a good reason for me not to. This appeal is accepted and I’m going back to my homework.

In the future just robust the friendly ling instead and avoid the headache for everyone involved k thanks.