Mawcah336 Player Report (Naming Guidelines)

CKEY: Fishythefloping

Your Discord: Azi2320

Offender’s CKEY: Mawcah336

Offender’s In-Game Name: Traito Suspi

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (YYYY-MM-DD): 2023/08/07

Round Number: 45251

Rules Broken: Rule 1 (Naming Guidelines), rule 7.

Incident Description: Played around as a non-clown with the name Traito Suspi, which is likely a play on Traitor Sus. Called a person subhuman with brain damage.

Additional Information: Not much more needed here, we just wanted the name to be looked over.

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not just namign guidelines. they were also pretyt hostile IC and OOC ( d-chat)
they also called me in d-chat this : a subhuman with brain damage.
they also spend the first 15 minutes or so of their roudn afk in the toilets of medical.
saw a officer ( scott orion) talking to the moth anxiety and he shoves the officer multiples times and hides for no reason. he gets arrested and rants about thats hsi offens eis battery ( which isnt a crime we have) and he got a aroudn 2-3 minute sentence for assault. he then later on steals a BZ crate from cargo and hides it in chapel and goes afk, then comes back for a bit then just ghosts and the D-chat things ensue.

I got way more than a few minutes, I shoved Scott because he was strangling a moth. Even if not battery l, claiming that is assault is just shitsec, or maybe his brain is too small to grasp such simple concepts.

Traitor is a valid first name, suspi is a valid second name, case closed.

The crate was in the hallway and I just hid it for the sake of it

“Normal human names, the kind that won’t raise an eyebrow if you chose to name your child. This applies to all other races that reference human names. Human names should not include any prefixes nor suffixes.”

Straight from the naming guidelines. The fact all of Dchat called out the name kinda proves the fact that your name is not valid.


I edited it by the way.

The opinion of randoms in dchat who have proven to be of lower intelligence holds little merit

Regardless, I’m not going to argue any further. I’m just going to wait for a moderator to review the report.

You were already banned for toxicity and it seems you haven’t learned since

Stole my BZ crate too for seemingly no reason? Was found catatonic shortly afterwards.

couldnt live with the guilt

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Right. I’ll start by saying Trato suspi is indeed eyebrow raising.
Think of another name.
Now about your attitude during this round,
I see a lot of mean spirited comments aimed at sec and the CMO (that by all means were doing their job and RPing properly.)
If it was only IC…it’d be fine, the fact you took to LOOC to threaten them with admin actions, and insult them, then continued in Dchat is however pretty bad. Especially when you have quite the history already.

Some of the LOOC

OOC: Mawcah336/(Traito Suspi) (LOOC) “just gotta say both of you are trash” (Medbay Aft (95, 95, 2))
OOC: Mawcah336/(Traito Suspi) (LOOC) “for what” (Medbay Central (96, 98, 2))
OOC: Mawcah336/(Traito Suspi) (LOOC) “you hard grief and admit to meta comming” (Medbay Central (96, 98, 2))

Some of the IC salt, this isn’t exhaustive.

SAY: Mawcah336/(Calahan Hans) “griefed” (Brig (111, 166, 2))
SAY: Mawcah336/(Calahan Hans) “by a cmo” (Brig (111, 166, 2))
SAY: Mawcah336/(Calahan Hans) “who doesnt want to rp” (Brig (111, 166, 2))
SAY: Mawcah336/(Calahan Hans) “fucking toxic security officers…” (Brig (111, 166, 2))
SAY: Mawcah336/(Calahan Hans) “I am done dealing with tards” (Medbay Treatment Center (136, 125, 2)) (Filter bypass BTW)

Some of the Dchat salt

SAY: Mawcah336/(Calahan Hans) (DEAD) “security officers always mald when antags win” (Heads of Staff Meeting Room (102, 116, 2))
SAY: Mawcah336/(Calahan Hans) (DEAD) “btw you guys know the cmos ckey?” (Bridge (114, 136, 2))
SAY: Mawcah336/(Calahan Hans) (DEAD) “the toxic officer chasmed himself” (Space (207, 152, 2))
SAY: Mawcah336/(Calahan Hans) (DEAD) “you are likely in comms together too in discord or something” (Brig (110, 166, 2))
SAY: Mawcah336/(Calahan Hans) (DEAD) “security is gonna be so mad btw seeing that we greentexted” (EVA Storage (110, 146, 2))

Again, sec and the CMO were rping correctly against a viro that said they were spreading a dangerous virus. You started it, players reacted, and you blame them.
With all of that considered, I’m giving you a month off the server, and urge you to improve your attitude.
No, sec wasn’t griefing you.
No, you can’t bypass the filter and lash out at them when they do their job and stop your poorly RP’d gimmick (you want to keep your job, “joking” about releasing a dangerous virus is stupid and makes no IC sense).
This is not welcome here.

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