[mawcah336] banned by [haliris]

Admin’s CKEY:
Ban Type:
Ban Length:
Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/):
Round ID:
Ban Reason:
Discord bans may translate into game bans. Following the previous ban for toxicity (encouraging someone to commit suicide), went to the discord server and complained endlessly about it, before violating the community standards there as well (filter bypass). Clearly not a good fit for the server. Appeal on the forum once you’ve matured and understand why we cannot tolerate this behaviour.
Appeal Reason:
In hindsight, what I did really wasnt nice and I wouldnt want people to act towards me like that either. I am sorry for my behaviour
Additional Information:

I’m just going to tell you now that permanent bans require a year’s wait and a vouch from a reputable server to show you’ve improved your behavior. The admins here do not make exceptions, so for now you’ll have to play on a different server on your best behavior and come back in April of 2024.

Unless otherwise stated yes, but maybe

Is the real limit to this

While the ban description does contain the words “appeal on the forums”, it really doesn’t read like that type of ban.

@Haliris Clarification needed.

I’ll lift this, I took this measure after witnessing absurd and unapologetic behaviour, denying what had happened several times despite logs being posted, citing you ad-verbatim and so on.
This on top of annoying everyone in the discord server for 30 min or so.

I’m not lifting the discord ban, that’s another matter.
I will let you play on sage again, however I hope that you now understand that telling other players to kill themselves isn’t welcome behaviour here.

Appeal accepted