Matthew Fiddler (Aramix) Player Feedback

hello, it’s been a year since I first started playing space station 13 and I hope I managed to get enough visibility to be able to ask for feedback

first started playing Matthew Fiddler on Acacia (lowpop) as an assistant because of the lack of experience I’ve had but also for the lack of responsibilities the role holds. I experimented a bit with basic mechanics, but mostly took a liking to replacing lights in halls and departments to fend off the eerie atmosphere caused by darkness in such an atmospheric game

later I tried doing other jobs with a bit more involvement in them such as janitor, but eventually I stumbled into science department via robotics, which I have played for quite a bit
I used to make more bots than mechs, to the point I made a todo list for each shift in which, one of the first bits, for example, would be to supply medbay with a medibot for lounge or one for explorers
I eventually started finding the job a bit tiresome, as the job would either be boring or flooded with requests to augment people while I’d be not quick enough with surgery, so I started trying other jobs in science, xenobiology, exploring was cool except it’d often lead to me dying and being forgotten in the vast space for a whole round, toxins except even after fiddling a lot with maxcaps, I wouldn’t have learnt more about how to reliably make them, the recent xenoarchaeology which I expected but ended up being too random (especially the following malfunction updates) and difficult to figure consistently

eventually, I hit a sweet spot between utility and comfort in the very department that sits in between (or not, looking at you corgstation) science and medbay: genetics, with a job that seems both boring enough for other people not to do, but also useful enough for the station; somewhere where binary counting/backtracking finally became useful
it’s been great being able to be a part of both departments and help with mutations and other genetics related stuff

experience acting as an antagonist while IC as Fiddler weren’t necessarily best because I lack experience, both in gimmicks and in robustness, so, given that I avoided doing that, I’m not sure I can receive much feedback on this topic

but in any case, I am eager to hear feedback about the naive yet hard working Fiddler, seeking how to make the most of what he works with for the station’s and especially the crew’s benefit
and also of me OOC as well, for how I can improve upon your experience with the rounds on beestation
finding more room for roleplay would probably be most pointed out, so I’ll look out for more interaction opportunities within genetics for stuff that isn’t powergaming

thank you and happy holidays

also, a pic for reference (probably a very generic appearance while at it)


Same haircut, very based. 10/10


I remember Matthew since the first time he tried a medical job when I made him a medical intern! Very fun to RP and chat with, takes his job seriously and follows protocol displaying professionalism, and overall a pleasure to have as part of the medical team! :smiley:

I have still to figure how he always manages to find space adapt in the first 5 minutes of the shift, and it’s a mystery that will elude me forever! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Always helps me redecorate or build stuff for my job if I ask. Thank you so much!

but here’s the fiddler.
Love this guy, usually see ‘em in genetics, very helpful lil’ lad and nice to chat with.

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I’m not sure I recall that happening
are you certain that I helped you redecorate/build things? I don’t usually do that kind of stuff in game
maybe if you described more precisely?

Always a welcome staff member, acacia life 4 ever!