Mat05usz banned by Bastian0930


Admin’s CKEY:Bastian0930

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: only for MRP

Ban Type:ban from server

Ban Length: 7 days

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 11/19/2019

Round ID:9276

Ban Reason: murderboning

Appeal Reason:i was not, i am not and i will not be a murderboner

Additional Information: The round was already 3,5h in, I, as a traitor, have collected items needed for greentext and was just doing my job for another 3 hours. After that I felt that it is quite dangerous because anytime a person may join as captain and see that his locker is destroyed and look for guilty ones in few members that were on this server. I decided to first kill other two people alive, because it was real low pop, and then call shuttle so noone will be against me or try to recall that. It wasn’t an intented murderbone, just to ensure I greentext before many people join and start asking.

And yes, now I know i shouldn’t have killed these two people, but since i have only played on LRP i did not consider killing to people to ensure my escape as murderbone.

you were afraid of a late-join captain find his locker ransacked and searching the few crewmembers on-board for his shit


you killed all of the other possible suspects to make yourself the first person he’d theoretically search?

yea sounds like basic roleplay

there can’t be any witnesses if there are no people to witness

dude you litterally made yourself the only solid suspect with evidence. if there were 3 people, then he had no proof it was you. if anything, you were working against your objectives. i want other admeme opinions but I don’t wanna unban.

Pretty much what windows said, you unecessaraly killed 2 people if you feared so much getting discovered you could’ve just hidden the things you stole but instead you ruined to peoples round for essentialy no reason.

it’s basic Assassin’s Creed logic

you can’t be witnessed if there are no people to witness you

i feel this is more comparable to trouble in terrorist town

the more people you kill, the less innocents are left

the less innocents are left, the more likely you are to be targeted

First thing, they knew I was the traitor since I ordered nulls when I was the only one on the server.
Second, at least one of these people coudl’ve been considered valid since he also was using traitor items like agent card and probably something else I cannot recall now.
Third, after killing I immediately called shuttle so none of the killed people have to wait.
Four, I was pretty sure they are not going to let me call shuttle and will try to recall, and that with their knowledge of me being traitor was already super dangerous.
Five, I have only killed 2 people, even if that was entire server, next round would’ve began shortly after, wasn’t a dickhead to delay that, and calling that a murdebone is a little too much, at least in my opinion.
Six, in my opinion 7 day ban for entire server is at least kinda unjust, why? I have seen round that lings were murderboning innocents and none of the present admins did shit to stop that, because people being shitters were mentors and probably friends of them. In my opinion my deed should result with a antag ban, or a shorter server one, not an entire week for my first time ‘murderbone’ on two people.

To the second point, one of them even asked me to give them my AA card so they can scan their agent card, normal crewmember doing that on MRP server and I am the one being banned for an entire week? That kinda sucks guys.

Well shit! Do you have a ckey for them?

I do not, because I have not considered the situation to be serious enough to make me banned for a entire week.

One of them said I was gonna be ahelped but I expected a bwoink since I played on MRP for an entire day then and thought I’d have a chance to defend myself while I was ingame.

I feel this ban is justified, and will stay. Thank you for understanding.