Mass-Report against a bunch of incompetent heads who killed the AI

In-game report:

   Title: Mass-Report against a bunch of incompetent heads (and a Lawyer) who killed the AI
   CKEY: Furminium

   Your Discord: Furminium


   Offender’s CKEY: /

   LRP or MRP server: MRP

   Offender’s In-Game Name:

Max Maximillian & Manuel Harrow & Horatio Mortland & Gary Johnson

   Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 06.28.2020

   Round Number: 17817

   Rules Broken: Massive overescalation

   Incident Description:

So basically i am the AI. Some head gives me the command to “Stop it”. He didnt clarify what to stop so i roleplayed to shut down untill further comment.
The CE (Horatio Mortland)
HOS (Manuel Harrow)
RD (Gary Johnson)
and a Random Lawyer (Max Maximillian) then decided to walk up to my AI core, spamming about 13 EMP Nades
("[Command] Horatio Mortland (Chief Engineer) flutters, “I have like 13 emps.”
[Command] Horatio Mortland (Chief Engineer) flutters, “Ima use em.”")
When they finaly run out of EMP’s the Lawyer rushed to my AI Core to check the laws. He noticed … Oh fuck, Cresimov… Well, lets delete him. So i got deleted and died 1 minute later. I was still trying to roleplay that i am shut down and said “ROGUE shows a terminal, the last command showing ““ai stop or ill order you to kill your self.”” which apparently made it stop literally, as the program has frozen.”
totaly forgetting MRP stands for minimium RP, not Medium RP

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I was never ever near your core, moron.

It’s one thing to lie to HOS that I break into Science, when I literally didn’t and the Scientists themselves had to let me out. But to lie in a player report about this shit? Bitch move bruh.

You were accusing people of random stuff so I just called you out on your bullshit, people called you MALF because you were acting shady as fuck, refusing orders (which we later found out because you had a law change).

When they finaly run out of EMP’s the Lawyer rushed to my AI Core to check the laws. He noticed … Oh fuck, Cresimov… Well, lets delete him.

Guess what I spend most of the round doing? Trying to get Mike Rich out of jail because for some reason HOS gave him a 15 minute brig time, after that I was chilling at robo so that I could get augments and then I literally SSDed in a locker IIRC.

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Thats why you literally PDA’d some person seconds after that the AI “Suicided”

There are logs of your pda aswell as damage logs of you, trying to break into sci. There are also logs of me making a ticket about you spamming and harrasing me over your pda.

As stated earlier because reading is pretty hard for you.

You refused to open science maintenance doors, so I slided under the shutters to bonk on the glass to get attention - Which worked and lead to the Scientists let me out because opening a door as AI is very hard for you to do. And your 1000IQ move was to tell HOS I was breaking and entering, even though I had a conversation with the Scientists in question about the situation, how you refused to open. This led to me getting fullstripped and being thrown in jail for 5+ minutes when I returned to Security.

And yep - As I said earlier, thats one of the roboticists I chilled with to get augments from. So me and the roboticists just laughed at you through PDA messages. Where we laughed at how you managed to get yourself killed by being a bitch and being literally autistic to everyone around you and doing such a terrible job that the entire fucking crew thinks your MALF lmao.

How does that change the fact that you lied in your player report - I was never ever near your core.

Lawyer rushed to my AI Core to check the laws. He noticed … Oh fuck, Cresimov…

This right here is LITERALLY a LIE. This never happened, I never rushed your core, I never tried to kill you. I was busy trying to free people that got jailed because you were doing a fucking terrible job as an AI and just getting people arrested.

What I did was calling you MALF because you caused people to get arrested for things they never did, refusing to listen to people and refused to list laws 99% of the time and nobody even knew what the fuck you were doing, and super suspect shit happened like my Office getting randomly bolted at the start of the round.

There are also logs of me making a ticket about you spamming and harrasing me over your pda.

Did I hurt your feelings when you were getting me arrested for no reason? Do note when I send PDA messages I send to absolutely everyone. In the same vein I made a ticket about you and your lies & accusations - But It’s an IC issue.


Was there any further attempt at communication with you, as the AI? Why were you told to “Stop it” in the first place? Why did you not communicate as you were being attacked by the Lawyer? This has likely gone unanswered for so long because of the extensive log-diving required.

Bruh, it’s been 2 months.

@BlueScope I cant remember why they told me to stop. They do that sometimes with sometimes without reason. I am more and more annoyed that i get a command to “come, stop, open door” without them stating what they refer to (target not on cams, me not doing anything out of the ordinary, them not standing near any door (or camera)). I communicated until told to “stop”, after being told to, i swiched my display to snowrain, didnt interact or talk and only made a *me, displaying that i ran into a stop command(or similar) I recently got a note for displaying a link as a borg and here we are, a bunch of chucklefucks beating the malf ai to shit because it froze. I guess they are not using any pc i know, else the thing must be incredebly robust. Or russian.

To be honest off the top of my head (and without logs), it sounds like the both of you fucked up here, to be honest, or rather all of you. As AI I like to ask for clarification if I’m unsure. Max should never have had that many EMP grenades as lawyer, or anyone aside from antag imo. Though points for roleplaying the shutdown bit, shame I wasn’t there to see it. If nobody clarifies a request I’d suggest asking IC, if someone can’t be found on cams I tell them over comms and ask where they went. And the people playing should have found a different way to deal with any issues with the AI rather than taking you out of the game.

Yeah. The guys killing you without checking if you were malf especially by powergaming messed up, but it kinda seems like you were baiting them into thinking you were malf so you could complain. You could have extremely easily just said “ERROR: FOLLOWING ORDER: ‘STOP’.”

I never EMP’d him or was ever near him - that’s the whole thing here. I was at the roboticists, and was spending most of the round trying to free the people the shitter HOS was arresting and people that the AI accused for crimes they didn’t commit. I have no idea why he even thinks I would even try to kill him.

This report is from june. i dont expect that any admin feels even the slightest fuck to check the logs after that time so you might aswell close it and mark it as “self antagging is okay”.