Maskenary Mentor Application

Your CKEY: maskenary

Your Discord: maskenary#7949

How long have you been playing ss13?: 7 months

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?:

Game Experience (More Detailed):
/tg/ hours:
beestation hours:

I think I know almost everything except circuits. They look too complicated and I don’t want to bother trying. I know all the jobs, mechanics, and stuff.

You need to know circuits! Alteast how to make flashlight shoes!

But do you know mining and megafauna strats including xenobio with advanced botniak not excluding SM and fusion :flushed:

+1 I’d think you’d be alright as a mentor.


I’ have rp’d with him once and I like his style I say we give him a shot[not a vote.

+0. No idea how much they know in game, but am aware the frequent amount of notes they have been receiving over the past two weeks.

oopsie doopsie me get bad person record

Seems like he knows what he’s doing. 2+

From what I’ve seen of them in game, +1

Just gonna +1, I know they know a lot from the notes I’ve given em

I’ll throw a +1 in, you have the playtime to have knowledge.

+1 on playtime alone

accepting at a +6, I am giving perms now.