Mashedpotatoes2001 banned by Zoom 9337

Title: Mashedpotatoes2001 banned by Zoom 9337

Admin’s CKEY:
Zoom 9337
Ban Type:
game ban
Ban Length:
Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/):
Round ID:
Ban Reason:
General LRP/NRP with additional R6 violation
Appeal Reason:
I mean shit, I made a joke about sex with the captains mother which I guess technically falls under rule 6 loosely? I did not role play having sex with the captains mother the ai just made a fat joke about her So I asked if I could have sex with because I was the VIP and was very important. The other issue was a fem boy joke (literally non-binary myself it wasn’t derogatory). Maybe that is a little too mrp for this server but letting me know that instead of perma banning me seems a bit more reasonable no? and if the ai is allowed to make yomama fat jokes why cant I? not to mention I was playing VIP, gimmick is literally in the name. I was well within character for all of these jokes as well, being an entitled trust fund kid and tying the jokes into that.

I was playing a vip

the femboy joke in question was that after I got revved I suggested redistributing estrogen to femboy the station. you can debate the comedy of it all you want, it wasn’t my finest certainly. But it also wasn’t derogatory or repetitive. happened once and I got the ban hammer with little to no warning

I got a bit on the backburner sorry, i’ll get to this in more details when I can.

Just know that Zoom and myself decided to ban you due to some weird remarks regarding what you just mentionned in this appeal.

We investigated this claim and didn’t find anything to support it. Therefore you asking if “you could have sex with mommy” over comms is weird, out of place, and not in line with R6 in my opinion.

Hand to god I forgot about that one, that was a little out of pocket ngl. I think my thinking was I was calling myself mommies special little boy in a non sexual way (again trust fund spoiled rich kid) and I just kinda blurted it out when ai soft pitched me captains mom, I honestly don’t remember saying “mommy” but I am not gonna say it didn’t happen. But perma? and the ai absolutely did make a fat joke about captains mom. Hell I wouldn’t have even appealed a day or even 3 but permanent? because I made one off color joke and didn’t get a chance to explain it in bwoink? seems a tad harsh.

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Considering that Bee is 18+, and they weren’t roleplaying any type of actual sexual behavior, I don’t think a permaban based on one sentence this person said is warranted. ERP is zero-tolerance, but this is the weakest definition of ERP and more just LRP and bad conduct. No one is getting off to this person saying “can i have sex with mommy” on the radio.

I absolutely do not think a perma is warranted given the player’s intentions and apparent cooperation.


Here is a thread where a guy got banned for only 3 days for much more lewd and clearly erotic jokes, and was hostile in his appeal. He still only served 3 days Teamstab banned by rkvothe14