Martinpachu's Mentor Application

Your CKEY: martinpachu

Your Discord: martinpachu

How long have you been playing ss13?:729 hours

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: Ruko,Shotgun (Discord)

Game Experience (More Detailed):



Recommended due to combined time spent playing and time spent helping in the #questions channel on our discord server. Also has a pretty clean record.



rukos pretty smart so +1 like him

but assistant hours are a bit low…


Slapping a rad +1 on this, even a headmin vouching for them


I’ll slap a +1 seem like a good lad.

Put hours into Head of Staff.
Like, any of them.

Based otherwise.


Questions time:

  1. Can the following locations be used as a cult base?
    1a. White Ship
    1b. Mining Base
    1c. AI sat
  2. Patient presents expired past 15 minutes with heavy organ decay but no apparent damage. Cloning via clone pod or botany is unavailable.
    How can they be revived without use of surgery?
  3. Name one non-beaker item that can be placed in a large grenade casing.
  4. What golem type would be most effective at fighting Nukies (multiple correct answers, name one)
  5. Steps to replica pod clone someone?
  6. Mhelp comes in asking β€œcan External Affairs Agent maxcap the bridge”, what do you say?

The white ship and mining base can be used a cult base
The AI sat,probably not
Strange reagent heals organ damage and revives
Slime core
I dont have experience with nukies,but i’d guess sand,since they’re good against bullets
Take a blood sample,inject it into the seed package of the pod,plant it,then harvest it once its ready
Yes,they’re allowed

Very good answers, have my +1!

  1. White ship: wrong, turfs that are space at roundstart and/or not the station/mining z-level may not have runes placed on them, mining base: correct, ai sat: wrong, it is perfectly eligible for runes and is a very effective base if you use a wraith to disable the ai.
  2. Good
  3. Good
  4. Good
  5. Good
  6. Trick question, rules related questions are generally supposed to be redirected to ahelp.

Good answers +1

1+. good hours and descent knowledge base. I’d brush up on your medical knowledge though. While robotics usualy does medical work knowing how to make healing drugs is good to have.

i dont have healing drugs memorized,but i know how to do basic chem and its pretty easy with the wiki

+1​​​​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​

+1 someone knolegable in the lavaland trivia seems nice
also a borg masochist yikes

Goodie answers. +1

good answers, good hours

Accepting this at +11.5

As Autisme suggested I would recommend putting a little bit more time into some medical roles just so you can answer some more questions involving them. Other than that this all looks fine. Good luck.

You are now a member of Beestation Staff. Keep in mind that you are held to a higher standard than the average player.