Martin spes (bee man)

I’m always an apid. I play as RD, or a mime named Solistice. am I annoying? am I doing a good job?
I feel like I have made a few people angry lately, so I guess I want to know if I should change or not.


Radical RD person i remember? Thats all i know,

Great sci guy, I’ve never had a bad interaction with you.

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Reliable command staff.
Knowledgable power gamer.
Does’nt rush t4 parts as RD.
Need to spend more of the juicy science budget.
Very passive stealth antag.


successfully setup the pubby sm with my guidance, good dude

Literally who?

JK, you are good as RD.

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Best RD

20 character gang

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Example head of staff member. Literally love having you as a head.


Hmmmm martin spes… didn’t you have some gimmick where you had your role changed to Head of Spess when you went space explorer?

Yup, did that a lot when i started playing on bee. Its been a few months since last time

Pretty cool Apid, Fellow Sci main and chad RD, And you as a mime are chill as fuck my dood, keep being you

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doesn’t have a bee name - 1/10


We’ve had some good times together, I hear Martin Spes and only competency comes to mind.

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You seem to always need something from me while i’m busy (That goes for most people really).

What do you… do? I see you around a lot but I can’t actually remember you doing anything

generally disappointed when your NOT my rd, proving how great of an RD you are

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I really like it when you renovate rooms and stuff

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202020 gang gang

the only apid player in excistance, dont need proof or citations

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11/10 apid brother would 2 man metagang forever*

We need to grow our numbers

  • this statement of metaganging is purely fictional and for comedic purposes