Markus Larsson (Ambiic) Player Feedback

Name is Markus Larsson.

I’d like to know what y’all think of me and my character. Both OOC and IC.
When I started I went with random names as I didn’t want people to subconsciously see me as a chemist with an empty fridge and immediately think “aah, traitor”. So most of the times when there is a full fridge at the 30 minute mark and the chemist goes “Howdy!”, it very much might’ve been me!

This is pretty much the only server I’ve played SS13 on and where I learnt how to play this game.
After mastering Chemistry and Medbay, if I may say so myself, I’ve expanded into playing Sec and more Head of Staff.

I’d like to hear what everyone thinks of me, I appreciated all feedback. :smiley:

I am very happy to assist everyone and anyone from Chemistry… or with a Stun Stick! \o/


Are the creator of the biggest stockpile of Oxandrocyclic Acid (and various other combined pills)?
If so, you are a blessing to Medbay and saved many from death.

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I really like playing with Markus.

I think you taught me how to make a grenade.

I’ve been taught by you, I’ve been cured by you and I’ve been pranked by you.

All I’m good fun!!!


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This absolute legend spent all shift teaching me all the basic science stuff, and now I feel like I could build an exosuit from scratch! Very cool, and really good teacher. Thanks again!


Had multiple rounds worsened/ruined by robotics autism fort rp. Please don’t do this.

What is an autism fort rp?


Good character overall.
He sticks out as a sane-ish, mostly SOP compliant guy who wants to do good, quite heavy on the RP too from what I observed/interracted.


Welcome to Robotics doing their job. I love making mechs and working with the AI and the cyborgs. I see them all as my children and my responsibility when I am playing Robotics. <3

I also am very much an NT enjoyer and actually help provide Sec with combat mechs if I am granted permission.

Fun fact. EMPs are cheap to make and you can very easily make your own as they only take uranium and iron.

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You lost us at NT enjoyer MARKUS!!

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I trusted them and they made me an AI :frowning: but they did make me then fall in love with them so fun times abound


I am loyal to NT! What can I do? They pay us and have our families. lol

The problem is when someone needs into robotics to do their gimmick, and you just fuck over their round. It’s not a single player game, after all.

I take it this regarding you sitting in my workspace for seemingly no reason and when I locked down my workspace you broke in with a chainsaw and it took the AI and one or two other people trying to stop you for you to give up. Right?

You threw me out of a place I was given permission to be in physically, shut off any access or even vision to any visitors, for the apparent crime of… Standing there, waiting for a ghost to take the posi brain?

(AI also totally broke their laws by interfering btw)

You seem very upset about this. Make a player report if you’d like or try to listen to when people try to talk to you and respond in a way they can understand. You were not a Roboticist. You’re were a Chaplain. You got your place of work and I got mine. Neither of us own it but we try to respect it.


I was not just a chaplain, I was a tech chaplain that worshipped machines. I had even gone to the lengths of getting access on my ID so I could do the gimmick, only for you to refuse to play along, even though rp requires collaboration to function. When someone is very clearly trying to go for a gimmick of some variety, especially when they’re an rp role like the chaplain, you really ought to play along. A stale and vanilla environment would get old fast.

Your character is part of the reason I don’t want to risk playing chaplain anymore, and so I’m leaving that feedback here.

No means no. If someone wants to do their own thing in their workspace then… try to let 'em. I like making mechs and cyborgs and working with the AI. And generally dislike Chaplains as they are all so entitled and breaking into my workspace with a chainsaw is not convincing.

So you don’t see the issue with denying someone’s gimmick and thus round just because you want to protect the sanctity of your little autism fort? It is even physically impossible to build my own robotics equipment, because DIY exofabs are bugged and don’t sync research.

Let’s stop the arguing here, yeah? You tried doing the job of another department when they were un-cooperative and you got hit with IC consequences of getting kicked out.

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  1. I wasn’t “doing someone’s job”. I was interacting with a department in order to execute a particular gimmick. (Chaplain, most of the time, has no responsibilities, so it is effectively an rp role, like a gimmick)

  2. If an IC action shuts down rp, maybe it shouldn’t be done. Just because John Security would IC stun baton first, ask questions later, that doesn’t make it a good action. RP requires cooperation.