Marius Feyweather Report

CKEY: Colorando

Offender’s CKEY:

Offender’s In-Game Name: Marius Feyweather

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 08/06/2021

Round Number: 31864

Rules Broken: 10 Head of Staff conduct

Incident Description: Ce broke into cargo/mining. Miner calls it out and we flush him into disposals , I table slam him and just robust him until captain arrives. Ce then turns off the power constantly in all of cargo because captain apparently did nothing for the ce. He probably turned the power off id say 4 times before ic measures were taken.

Additional Information: This whole escalation ended with cargo being declared rogue


Late join HoS here, this incident eventually led to a mutiny and all out war between Cargo and Engineering which lead to multiple deaths (and straight up murderbone).

There really was no mutiny or war. It was just me saying Im gonna come down to engineering and beat the ce up. Actually went down to his office and took the control board for his power console and miner beat him up after I ran into emitters. Cargo never even ordered any guns continued doing bounties up until captain said I was demoted for trying to hire more cargo and miners over comms.

So you guys beat up your boss because they were doing thing you don’t like?

You left shit out, You broke into engineering and tried to kidnap the CE

and yet you said that the new cargo techs MIGHT have guns

Im a miner, but mostly just mine and not joining the cargo engi war, but i did saw ce trying to get in mining bay (i assume previously he also broke into cargo bay), but proceeded to get shoved by other miner and qm, and getting kicked out, while screaming stuff over radio

I just remember that the miner indeed punched him like 3 times, but i dont know what happened before that

I’m gonna look into this one tomorrow.

If I find this report to be in bad faith, leaving out important details about yourself and/or appearing to be you attempting to instigate or inappropriately escalate conflicts as you are well known to do, you are not going to like the result @Colorando.

I’m having a pretty damn hard time trying to understand how this could be justified, especially if you led several cargo techs with you and announced potentially being armed over comms.

Quartermaster should be included in authority bans to prevent this from even being a possibility.


I have made a post detailing my side of the story here .

So you were on the path to straight up murder for a Breaking and entering?

If I’m reading this correctly, you immobilized him, and instead of removing him from your department non-lethally as escalation procedure dictates, you instead hinder his ability to leave and wouldve killed him had the Captain not showed up?

Am I getting all this?

I have no clue what this whole round infighting scenario was about, but already this is a red flag by the first paragraph I read.

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@Ruko , RKz , You all sitting here like qm bad ban he. Duh yeah im gonna go down and ic fight him hes sitting in engineering constantly turning off ALL OF CARGOS power , because I table slammed him maybe a few punches. Why is a head of staff constantly shutting off power just to troll and or get revenge for being stam critted. But yeah ban me from qm because I wanted to run cargo with the power on.

CE turning off power is sabotage
Going over to prevent sabotage if there was no security is iffy, but if cap said do it then it would have been 100% fine
Evicting people who have no legitimate access to your department is fine even if you rough them up
Seceding from the station is mutiny and should not be done unless you are an Antag or you get permission or some real rp happens to make it so or the AI gets the funny ION law (AI secedes with cargo not you or anyone who works in cargo just the departments area)

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Removing someone from your department is all well and good, but doing it in an excessively violent way when they are cooperative with leaving is not. CE should not have sought revenge for being removed, but they weren’t simply removed - this conflict was escalated further than it needed to be by you.

CE still acted out of line by repeatedly cutting power to your department, and as Heepox said, it is sabotage - but you have still taken the matter into your own hands in an entirely unacceptable way; You are far too bloodthirsty for this server.

None of the above even touches on the fact that you seceded for shits and giggles afterwards - Just like with the other one, this report is being marked processed because the other player was in the wrong and is being dealt with, but both parties are in the wrong in this case.