Marilyn Bluetenberger/Ivanmixo player feedback

Tell me what you think. I mainly play on Golden, but I go on Sage sometimes.


he kinda sus lowkey
just saying

felinids b like

actually p cool, iirc you threw my id in the trash after i asked for aa one too many times

menacing vibe, friendly persona, you reduced the nya’ing to puns which is actually awesome, good job bro.

Also extremely robust and good head (of staff) material, just people go apeshit over mari for any reason, so if not for that you’d be a great hos, cmo or captain even.


doesnt enjoy tidepods unlike me :pensive:

Unless I confuse you with another golden felinid:

I absolutely hate that you and your other felinid friend are just dragging each other. Makes it really hard to kill one of you for an objective. Also other players immediatly know that one of you is antag if the other does not drag you.

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Ivanmixo and Icestinger (An Tsui) are the felinids that are usually dragging each other around and hanging out with one another. They’ve gone by different IC names every now and again but they usually dress and appear the same and help one another out. I’m sure there’s definitely accusations of metacomming but from what I’ve seen observing they communicate purely ingame and there’s never odd moments of silence where they seem to know what the other is thinking.

Personally, I like An Tsui and Marilyn. When they’re not antags they’re usually pretty productive to the station and helpful to everyone around them. They, combined, have made up the majority of my revivals and usually save my ass from the fire. I’m not sure how I feel about the almost ERP level of camaraderie they have but SS13 is a hard game to enjoy with a friend and I commend them for getting it right.

I stand ya’ll.


At least you embrace your reputation/take it with humor :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I have said it before and will say it again: I am an unrobust tin can condom that is as boring as I am easy to kill. I feel no shame in that and honestly enjoy my reputation. I’d rather that then anything else - I don’t play to win, I play to have fun and make the game playable for other people.

You are very funny to be around and your maint shenanigans with An are funny to watch as a ghosty boy.

And since Shenanigans beget Shenanigans, it always leads to something funnier.

Just dont end up like Burnard and Siberia.

LRP Cat Metagang is le funne.


Funny meta gang cat. Usually friendly and helpful unless forced to stab me.

Watched them slip and slowly steal the entire armory from a HoS who was mad at them for stealing secway. Always something interesting to watch when both are on.


I saw you on sage once, pathetic catgirl, unrobust, and most importantly, says nya. Completely unacceptable. Other than that, pretty cool idk.

Very menacing vibe, but also enjoyable to chill with (if not busy pulling An).

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Honestly, I don’t even know, you’ve helped me alot when it comes to the game, and you are pretty fun around to be with, but you as an antag its a fucking horror you scare me as an antag. You should also probably play command more, you are quite robust and i’d imagine on some on the harder rounds such as cult, rev, or clock you’d be the person to really make the difference if you did

He is very scary as an antag because not only is he very robust. He is also very knowledgeable.

Edit: And the only cultist i ever see use blood rites.

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Turns off PDA round start, cringe

when I saw this thread I thought it said “player report” and my first thought in reaction to that was “it’s about time”


What exactly has he done that is player report worthy? Their metaganging isnt against the rules.

THIS, the most annoying target to kill (An Tsui too), but competent crew and friendly
Hmm… this give me an idea tho, either kill both, or be a sadist and use hipnotic flash/brainwash to force one to kill another

Dueled them 1v1 anything allowed. Killed them three times. Relies too much on bolas and when count-bolaed doesn’t know how to react.

10/10 player – knows bola is godtier.