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Drop your BeeStation map tier list

Here’s mine

Added it, no webmap yet so it looks a bit off but yea

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whats that link again to look at the maps? I forgot what pubby looks like XD

A Shopkeepers Tierlist.
Based on if they have Vacant Commisaries, their access, and how good they are. (And other things of course).
Pubby is B because although it doesn’t have a Vacant Commisary, I had some cool shops in that lounge area near arrivals. Rad is also B because although last time the Vacant Commisaries weren’t that good, I’m hopeful for future prospects.

That being said, I hope Corg spontaneously combusts.

That is all.



Kilo and fland do what they set out to do extremely well.

Fland is the peak highpop map, with fairly well made a great layout and fairly good departments, though they are not perfect.

Kilo is unbeaten at lowpop, it’s small, compact and has a ton of flavor. The departments are extremely well made, with my favourite SM, second favourite atmos, and IMO the best medbay.

Delta and Meta top Tier. Has everything you need, lots of space but easily accessible.

Box and Fland second, as they hit the marks of the top tier but are a bit too small/too big respectively.

Pubby as it ticks the equipment and space but is badly setup.

Glow because I don’t like multi z levels.

Fland because it killed Golden and hasn’t changed. Note, admins had to lock the Corg feedback thread as Bacon bitterly argued with anyone pointing out any of the many, many flaws with the map.

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pubby is actually missing a fair bit of things

  • Rad is already my favorite station despite not being in rotation for more than 24 hours. Cargo alone is incredibly fun to play, and I love the service/dorms area too. Yeah it has power issues etc, but thats just temporary stuff. I’m radpilled.
  • Fland just speaks to me somehow. Everything seems just so fine tuned, engineering especially. It’s a map clearly for highpop - which is a shame when you consider how empty it starts sometimes. It’s like pissing on a renaissance painting.
  • What is there to say about Meta? I consider this the true standard map of beestation. It has all the essentials the server needs, with no gimmicks or SM shenanigans or whatever, while also not being that outdated. Solid map.
  • I always vote Kilo first, because I believe that all maps generally need to smaller, and kilo fits exactly that. Service kind of sucks though, the lathe is literally unreachable by some departments. And despite its size, it still loses power at an astounding rate if the SM isn’t set instantly (which, surprise, often is not the case on lowpop). Still, it’s an okay map.
  • Delta just feels like a knockoff of a better station to me. Like, it’s literally just meta but rotated by 90 degrees. And the fact the bar is in such a remote location is kind of ass too. Otherwise it’s just so unremarkable I cannot think of anything else to say about it.
  • Box is probably the most overrated map in existance. Only reactionary golden players unironically like it. Most of the departments with high foot traffic are just haphhazardly slapped along a hallway from bridge to evac. And nevermind the gaping hole bridge leaves to any normal player aswell.
  • Corg’s gimmick of the arrivals shuttle being the centerpiece gets old quick. Beyond that, it has baffling decisions on where certain departments are placed. Going to science is a fucking journey and a half, and dorms is a cruel joke that’s more like a maze than anything.
  • Pubby is was a bad map, period. The chapelroid felt really just like an annoying gimmick, and contrary to popular belief, the pod was not full of ERPing felinids, because literally no one used it for legitimate reasons in the first place. Still, I will pay my respects to it, because despite everything it did have some sense of dignity, unlike what is about to come.
  • Rest in piss, Glow. I despise this map with a passion. Why in god’s name mappers decided going from one z level to FIVE (when we dont even hit fullpop most of the time) was a good idea, will always be a mystery to me. I don’t even care about the power issues, it was just so goddamn EMPTY all the time, because of how stupidly huge it was! And no PRs can fix that. This is a map I will not miss, ever.

These are exceptional takes! I agree with most!

I meant LodedDiper’s

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I gave this man a trophee but admemes said no :frowning:

there’s no S tier for me just because there’s no mindblowing map, even if currently Rad is almost there, other than that I would’ve rated pubby in D and Glow in C-D, pubby due to it’s terribad layout, Glow due to it’s size, being actually too big for it’s own good, even if glow may come back in a later date.


my opnion

Can’t believe you are all ignoring Dead station smh

I mean it’s not in rotation, most haven’t played it

yes i main curator

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  • Meta and Rad are very great, Delta and Box similar with small downsides
  • Kilo could be S-Tier design but I am just sucker for having a lot of space
  • Fland is just there
  • Glow could have been good with some alterations
  • Pubby was Bad™
  • I don’t wanna talk about Corg
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Pubby is not listed because it died
Glow because I never played it

Also Tubestation is easily SS tier