Manu6696 Permaban by Ruediger4

CKEY: Manu6696

Admin’s CKEY: Ruediger4**

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Both

Ban Type: server

Ban Length: permanent

Ban Date: 17/11/19

Ban Reason: Your manlet brains made you think my main acc was someone else’s alt

Appeal Reason: This is my only fucking account and i want to play the game

Additional Information: I talked with bastian about it a while before you banned me when i was offline

A few questions if you don’t mind.

  • You bragged about being banned from both Citadel and Paradise in OOC one time, do you recall the reasons on why you were banned from those servers?

  • Do you have a Discord?

  • Did you read the rules? You have been going against the rules a couple of times lately, including insulting a staff member and general griefing/shitcurity behavior.

Im waggles in discord, and i got banned for saying ligger in paradise, and yes, i do call admemes liggers and stuff when they overlook people killing me or help a perma prisioner escape among other stuff.
Plus, the ban lists me as beign banned 3 times, not a very good admeme behavior.

This was when an admin was checking your IP/CIDs to compare it with the currently permabanned player.

I’ll lift the ban, though please try to follow the rules and change your behavior to a less griefy one.

It was your mistake, dont try to shift the blame to me.

The ban was based off a handful of proof that made you look, if not perfectly fit, the banned player’s behavior. Your attitude, way of typing, bans and notes from this server and other ones.

I’m not shifting the blame, but I am telling you that, despite me lifting your ban and acknowledging that this was our bad, you still have a history on going against the rules.

If you want to follow my advice, re-read the rules and try to change for the best, that’s great.

I dont play ligger nor engage in erp.

Insulting an admin on a bwoink and critting the clown for no valid reason is against the rules.