Manu6696 Ban by Raxraus


**Admin’s CKEY:**Raxraus

**Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:**LRP

**Ban Type:**Temporary

**Ban Length:**14 days

**Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):**13/12/2019

**Round ID:**10202

**Ban Reason:**Breaking into RD as a hulk and killing a PAI

**Appeal Reason:**I broke in to kill the PAI who was insulting me as i was roaming arround as a hulk, hadnt broken into anywhere yet, but since that piece of junk got my nerves i went in and killed it, even when the robotics staff started atacking me i didnt hit back even when i had just gotten some stuff from sec with aproval from the warden.
He acted like a little shit and got dealt like one, i argue that the admin either was the PAI or was angry about the other hulks rampaging that round, seeing the only answer to my comments about the incident were met with: “Dont try to find excuses” or “You have a bad track record” and considering i’ve had more than 15 consecutive round without problems that doesnt seem quite fair.

Additional Information:
Natural rule of a LRP server, talk shit , get hit. That applies to everyone nevermind a fucking PAI.
That admin was a too high on power and refused to admit he was wrong or scroll a up for a little more on the logs to find out what was going on.
Since none but the PAI got harmed in the incident and RD already had a hole in the wall, i consider this ban unesessary and a badmin move.

I better not fucking have that false permaban by those badmins on my notes.

I only bwoinked once you attacked the roboticist for trying to get you out and when asked about it you seem to claim that other hulks were fucking up the station worse than you and that somehow justifies your action.

You are talking like i only sent one message and you never mentioned the robotics staff on your messages, only the PAI.
Plus i never directily atacked the robotics staff ,only shoved them because they were following me with a chainsaw.

The robotics staff was dead ass shoving you while you rampaged in their department and they brought the chainsaw when you punched the IPC as a hulk

I probabbly hit them while chasing the PAI, but nothing more, which considering they were blocking my path and i was a hulk, i had to actually try NOT to hurt them.
And when i wiped the PAI i left, i had nothing against them.

So it was accidental then?

Not the PAI, the robotics staff , if i hurt them in the chase apart from shoving them into eachother , yes.

My bad I misunderstood I thought you took advantage of the situation and attacked anything in your way. The ban have been lifted and sorry for the inconvenience.

Your Too soft felix
Gets called badmin
Power hungry
And too inept to check logs

You unban him and apologise? Take back your apology rn, rn I say

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