Managarm apperance banned by acronad

Admin’s CKEY:
Ban Type:
Ban Length:
Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/):
Round ID:
Ban Reason:
Inappropriate name
Appeal Reason:
I have felt the feeling of not having a true self, a switch between personalities and one ugly hair style to fix each round. From here on out i will follow the guidlines more carefully and not name myself a name that raises an eye, something thats not latin or anything else that the naming guidelines do not see fit.
Additional Information:
I do not remember much of the event that took place that day, but what i do remember is just me doing my own thing. My gimmick was to send myself to lavaland and make a little ‘‘dwarf hold’’ Of course my name was something dwarfy and that was Brottor Fireforge. None had said this name name raised an eyebrow so i kept it, so of course when i did get messaged i tried to talk my way out of this so i could keep the name. But i never refused to change it, in the end. i stopped trying to find a way and in the end i did change the name. Wich makes this line (asked to change their name from Brotter Fireforge and refused) false.

I’ll take care of this when I’m home later today

In the meantime to speed things along when im home, do you have a proper name you can offer for your character?

Uhh yeah indeed, i do.

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What’s the name man?

Still at work so i can’t finalize anything but as maggot asked there, what name will you be using?

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Aldrik Dankil is going to be the name.

Unfortunately after some internal discussion im going to have to say that does not fit under the human naming policy of a normal human name that wouldnt raise an eyebrow, could you offer another?

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now that I am home and on my computer I can offer you these bits of our ahelp conversation in which you refuse to change your name
ADMINPRIVATE: PM: Acronad/(Actias Luna)->Managarm/(Brottor Fireforge): You are free to offer suggestions still, I can approve it or deny as necessary here to avoid future naming conflicts
ADMINPRIVATE: PM: Managarm/(Brottor Fireforge)->Acronad/(Actias Luna): alright then if you wanna be so hot head on the policy then sure i guess ill change my name if you feel like youll accomplish something
ADMINPRIVATE: PM: Acronad/(Actias Luna)->Managarm/(Brottor Fireforge): I can change it for you for this round
ADMINPRIVATE: PM: Managarm/(Brottor Fireforge)->Acronad/(Actias Luna): nah

looking back on it now I probably misunderstood the situation: when you said nah I thought you were refusing to change your name for the round which was required. Reading it now though it seems there may have been a misunderstanding

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ah nuts ill just take something simple. Nevare Burvelle.

uhh yeah id also like to apolgise for my pissy mood

Reference names are not allowed either, please try again

  • Human: Normal human names, the kind that won’t raise an eyebrow if you chose to name your child. This applies to all other races that reference human names. Human names should not include any prefixes nor suffixes.

Sounds like a cool book gotta read it someday. How about uhhh Christoper shick

Kristoper is still a little odd and out there, would you be okay with Christopher Shick instead?

seems valid if it had an h, you sure the man didn’t make a typo with that one?

uhh yeah thats what i typed? oh wait no i typo my bad

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Alright i can accept that then, I’ll resolve all of this when i get home from work

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Thank you kindly.

Alright you should find the appearance ban lifted now and you should be able to create your own character once more, don’t be afraid to let me know if for some reason it’s still there or something didn’t work properly