MalevolentBacon wants to know what, if at all, people think about them

I have absolutely no self awareness when it comes to things like “reputation” but it has come to my attention that some people view me negatively. So I wanted to find out what people think. Hopefully I don’t regret making this. I play as Floaty Moonlight, Moth, also Moth Enthusiast. I used to be a science main, but felt I could be doing more for the benefit of the station as an assistant. I also spend a significant amount of time observing, or playing ghost roles (most golems). I have dabbled in silicon roles, but haven’t really played them recently so I don’t know if the names are relevant.

I hope I haven’t made everyone hate me through some action that I did at some point.

I haven’t interacted with you quite enough to have a full opinion, but from what little i recall of the times we did interact you were pretty chill.

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Literally a permarandom moth, propably a shitter because moth. Propably bad at their job because moth.
All moths look the same, sound the same and are dysfunctional crew all the same.

stop playing moths



Honestly you’re pretty based and sometimes you are cringe

I still remember the time you tried your fucking hardest to revive me, every part of the station was losing pressure so you were dragging my corpse around the station take a break every now and then so you can attempt another revive. Ultimately you did it, but you left me on a stasis bed while unconscious, so I was stuck unconscious forever.

The cringe moment I remember is that you tried to use a Xenobiology xeno egg to somehow make yourself queen and make the xenos friendly. Luckily you were stopped.

don’t even know who you are

Then why the fuck did you bother posting, fam.

Who? Who?


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Are you sure you aren’t confusing me for crab rave because they would do that every fucking time there was a xeno egg. I am a big believe on xenos never being friendly.

I went to get some blood for you but got killed in medbay by some non antag with a fire axe who was just killing people. It was rough.


20 character moment


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Nah you’re right, that is crab rave.

I guess your just based then

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who ?

me actually