MalevolentBacon killed some people on MRP, banned by lago

CKEY: MalevolentBacon

Admin’s CKEY: lagomorphica

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Probably only MRP but i dont know.

Ban Type: Job Ban round start antags

Ban Length: 5 days

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 01/10/2020

Round ID: 11280

Ban Reason: Incredibly poor antagonist conduct. Destroyed entire sections of the station and murdered 1 person simply to steal their identity, another 3 for being witnesses, and one for having his steal objective. This is for MRP only. If you feel this ban is in error please appeal on the Beestation 13 forums.

Appeal Reason: The “poor conduct” displayed here involved me being sloppy. That was my bad. My first kill ended up having multiple witnesses who tried to either apprehend me or get sec to come to the location. So one after another, I killed the people who were going to cause a lot of trouble, one of which was actually an objective. My name had recently been called out, so I needed a distraction. I had been doing xenobio, so i blew a hole near engineering. I then used HoS’s ID to recall the shuttle, at the request of another changeling. I had an objective to eat a changeling, and if things went well, it would be easy to get one to come to me because I had a plan, but that doesnt work out so it doesnt matter. So after that. I remember I forgot to grab HoS’s gun, so I go back to get it, and a borg is cloning him. Obviously I dont want him being alive again, so I use an extract to blow up cloning, and punch a hole in the entrance so nobody fixes it. The shuttle is called again, so I go to recall it, and AI gets me with a firelock. I forgot that I had adrenaline, so I just take it, because I am able to out heal it. Cap, being a moron, drags me out, and after he walks away, I recall shuttle. But there was another guy there who saw me, and tells cap, and they gang up on me. I kill cap and run away (notice how I only kill one of them, it wasnt even a slaughter). I use my remaining extracts to blow up the gibber and the cremator. I didnt have access to those areas, so i opted to go through the wall. The departure area now has a few holes in it, to say the least, but thats pretty much it. one dude kept out playing me, so I ended up getting thrown off the shuttle. Me and him had been at it for a bit, and I might have thrown a oil extract at him at some point, hoping it would catch him. It did not

The majority of this was either in defense of myself, or my objective. Cloning a guy who knew I was a ling and whose stuff I had? thats bad, blow up cloning. Blow up gibber and cremator for lings. Recall for lings, in an attempt to play a long con to eat one of them. Kill people who are going to kill me, or going to get me killed.the first like HALF of the game, I was literally just doing xenobio. efficiently, might I add.

Additional Information: Lago said something along the lines of “this would get you banned on LRP” which we both know is bogus. Not every person killed by a ling was me. A lot of them werent. I killed, maybe 8 total people, if even. Each kill was for a reason. Having a person to change into just in case, who happened to be alone with me in maint during a radiation storm? Is killing that person for that reason really that bad? it was just ONE person. One person who I killed out of desire to kill. The rest was necessary. The destruction was necessary. If I have the option to just blow a hole in the wall in order to destroy cremator, why WOULDNT I do that? And the oil extracts weren’t powergaming either. I didnt intentionally make oil extracts. I was trying to make a bunch of reds for potions and oils are a byproduct of that. Then when i needed access to a space I didnt have access to, the choice was obvious.

You know, Ill be honest. I dont even CARE about being antag that much. I enjoy doing the science jobs without antag related interruption. But you know, I do feel kinda wronged by the ban. Do you think that I had planned on that much carnage, even if it wasnt as much as has been implied? Fuck no. I was just gonna stab some dude in maint as a back up, and head back to xenobio to keep working. It didnt work out that way. What would you have me do? Go back to xenobio and wait for all of sec to show up with every gun known to man? For the AI to lock the room and siphon all the air while i suffocate over and over? They knew it was me. Hell, that one dude knew which one i was every time I god damn changed. Shit doesn’t always go as planned.

honestly, this still leaves out some nuance to the situation, but you know, maybe I would have been able to explain more during the Ahelp if lago hadnt been pinging me while I was trying very hard not to die.

The reason I said it’d be banned on LRP is because at the time you hadn’t completed half your objectives from what I had seen, not because your play was shitty.

In regards to the ban I’m willing to lower it but not entirely remove it - thats a shitty situation to be in for both sides, but blowing up the gravity generator is taking it to a whole nother level compared to just taking out cloning.

Plus you have the capacity and means to render people uncloneable without taking out most of medbay, which you blew up, and resulted in more people dying due to decompression and lack of medical aid.

I never said anything about powergaming though, to my knowledge - however you fully well had the means to escape that situation without murdering by changing your identity or straight up disguising it.

As I said, I’m willing to lower it since you don’t seem malicious and it seems more that you got caught in a shitty situation - however you do need to acknowledge what it looks like from mine and others perspectives.

I understand, and thank you. Like I said, honestly being banned from antag isnt a big deal for me. I just felt like my side hadnt been heard before the ban was enacted since I was fighting during the ahelp

I would honestly say in the future make a better attempt at not getting caught but that probably wouldn’t be the best things to say - more accurately plan on how to do things without wiping out most of the station.

Taking out cloning, sure, understandable in a sense - even though you can prevent cloning, it is still possible in roundabout ways. Medbay? Bit more iffy, but I can kinda see it.

The one you threw near the gravity generator just seemed really random though - it had almost no reason.

Plus plenty of those people could’ve been avoided.

I’ll wait for more admin input before proceeding though, since I’m not exactly the best on MRP - although I will say that I do still believe that the antagonist conduct wasn’t the best, even in the given situation, although to err is human.

Considering this is your first note on the topic I should also probably be a little bit more lenient.

Sabotage of any kind is in no way against our rules. Killing someone who has your steal objective also furthers yourself as antag

Only questionable bit was killing a fuck to steal his identity, and then killing witnesses, but i even understand that- its obviously not murderbonin

He also blew out most of the central primary hallway and destroyed most of the medical bay.

Also, unwarranted destruction is against the rules in MRP conduct.

Like, I can understand destroying the cloner, but when an entire department makes Nagasaki look like a minor renovation, thats a bit… eeeehhh.


Carnage, i wrote “carnage” in the conduct

Carnage is right. It really wasnt meant to be that, but shit happens. I did do a number on medbay, but part of it was to blow open the doors of medbay for access to HoSs corpse.

Yeah, CMO from that round here, we were just chilling in maint hiding from the rads like bros, and then Moffy McLing over here brings out the armblade and kills me…right in front of a guy. Needless to say that guy was killed too for being a witness when he killed me right in front of him very blatantly.

There’s getting caught at a bad time and then there’s that.

Yes I am still miffed.

Proper response: Immediately scream “I didn’t see shit!”


I’m gonna lower this on second review but still keep it - some of it falls under job specific sabotage but the murders most definitively aren’t.

Gonna lower it to 3 days next time I’m available, since a lot of this lacked any malicious intent, and your complete lack of any other notes in regards to anything close to this. (and obviously account for the fact time has passed since i originally banned you)

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bro killing someone for their id is a valid reason when you are an antag wdym?

I was the AI that round.

You were pretty much responsible for the death of most of the station. By the end of the round there were only two non changelings remaining. You went on a MASSIVE murderbone spree and the ban description doesn’t fully reflect how much you killed. In fact by the end of the round I purposely released tesla as a crewsimov AI because there was literally no crew left to save because you contributed to killing them ALL, so this was the best option to save the last remaining crew who had easy access to hardsuits. I didn’t even get bwoinked ffs.

Thanks for acknowledging that cap was an idiot. But you killed way beyond necessary, especially considering that going out of your way to kill possible witness contradicted your playstyle of murderbone without even changing your identity. You can’t use “killing witnesses” as a justification when your entire playstyle actively creates witnesses. Otherwise I could murderbone by just killing my target in a public place where a bunch of people can see.

Dude, I am pretty sure there wasn’t a tesla on the round I was (3 day, its been over for a while buddy) banned for. If there was it must have been piss poor because I didnt even notice it.

Also I told the whole story from my side. I didn’t leave anything out. If people died to the medbay/cloning breach because they were stupid enough to run into a decompressed medbay, that’s their problem, not mine. I only directly killed the people I mentioned in this thread.

There was a tesloose…

…it just decided to fuck off and wreck the hotel instead.

Yeah tesloose just effed off to space and annihilated hotel. Was funny.

well that would be why I didn’t know it was there