MalevolentBacon banned by piterskiy

CKEY: MalevolentBacon

Admin’s CKEY: Piterskiy

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: LRP

Ban Type: Temporary Job ban for Spawner roles (sentience potion, lavaland, ERT, brainwash victim)
Ban Length: 1 day (but I’m still gonna bitch about it)

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 12/14/2019

Round ID: 10234

Ban Reason: “Killed a few allies, and ‘supposedly’ destroyed the allied dominator”

Appeal Reason: The ban was bullshit. Not only did I not destroy the allied dominator, I destroyed the enemy dominator, I also had no way of knowing those were allies. I was a mob. I was told to do something, and I did it. I killed some enemies, and apparently some allies who i didnt know were allies. You see, during gangs, if you are a mob who is given an objective, you dont see who the other gang members are. You get attacked by someone, you attack back. Did I know they were allies? no. Did they know I was an ally? No. We attacked each other. As far as being a mob is concerned, that makes me in the right. If someone attacks me, I am allowed to attack back. But did piterskiy listen to me? No. apparently the other dudes rage boner related to me killing him was strong enough to make shit up like me destroying the allied dominator, which i had previously tried to protect. I almost did save that too.

Additional Information: From my previous experience, by the time this get reviewed, the ban will already be over. And you know what? thats not a big deal. I can deal. But the actual choice that led up to the admin banning me is whats in question. That was bad decision making. I didnt deserve that. I was a mob. I’m not ACTUALLY allied to those people. I have one ally, and thats the person who made me. everyone else can shove it, especially if they attack me.

i played during this round very cool

wow, so did I. Wild, right?

the actual ban reason

as sentient magma watcher, whose master was gang member, attacked several allied gang members. probably destroyed dominator, though no way i can verify this. claimed he didn’t know who’s allied gang members, and thought that everyone near dominator is an enemy.

i had minimal information, and attack logs was a mess.
i probably was a bit harash with the ban
unbanning right now, enjoy