MalevolentBacon and the case of the xeno egg, banned by Aeder1

CKEY: MalevolentBacon

Admin’s CKEY: Aeder1

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Both

Ban Type: Server ban

Ban Length: 1 week

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 3-24-2020

Round ID: 13790

Ban Reason: Sacrificed themselves to the xeno egg in science then hid in maint to make sure it popped out.

Appeal Reason: The ban reason is misleading. So round start, i die to a russian roulette bet with HoP. Im dead for a while, and CMO defibs me after a while. Now my organs are all fucked up. I cant eat without vomiting, I keep going deaf, and I am in constant pain. I find RD, and agree to be the person to be sacrificed to the xeno egg since things arent going my way ANYWAY. I get science access and go to xenobio when RD tells me to do so. The dude in there is basically just guarding the egg. RD out ranks the dude so I follow RDs orders over his and sacrifice myself to the hugger. An engineer comes and starts setting up lasers just in case, but the dude guarding the fuckin chamber comes in and tries to take me out of the chamber. he does this twice. Not knowing what he is gonna do, I make a run for it, with plans to return. I hide for a little bit, but not too long because i know time is limited. After a short period, I come back out of hiding and make my way back towards science, so i can go back to xenobio. Aeder bwoinks me here. Tells me to seek medical attention. On my way back to xenobio, a sec officer flashes and cuffs me, and takes me to medbay instead to have the larva removed. Too much time has passed, and thats fucking obvious. I had enough time to get back to xenobio if i hadnt been stopped, but there wasnt enough time for surgery. I knew that, Aeder should have known that by that point, I tried to do the only thing in my power to contain the issue without killing it, as RD had instructed me. I was banned as soon as it burst, which was in the surgery room. it was killed immediately. There was no way surgery was going to be fast enough, and I dont know if surgery was the make or break for the ban. If i had had it removed in time, would i not be banned? I was in the middle of the surgery, its not my fault the dude doing it was slow and stabbed me a few times on accident. we coulda made it to xenobio in that time frame instead, which was a better alternative. but we went to medical instead. Thats NOT my fault. Was running out of science a bad move? Yeah, but the dude was taking me out of science REGARDLESS. I dont know if Aeder bwoinked me on his own or if the dude guarding the cell ahelped me, but if its the latter, then he was the one taking me out of the cell to begin with. I tried to stay in it until he started disabling everything and taking me out.

Additional Information: I had Scientist access at this point, so I didnt even have almost any maint access. Saying I “Hid in maint” is bogus. at BEST I was in a small maint room for about 45 seconds to avoid being caught by sec like they ended up catching me. I was being taken out of the room for unknown purposes, despite what RD wanted. I ran and then tried to get back to the xenobio room and was stopped by sec who obviously didnt understand what I was doing.

Was it roleplay?

20 characters eat shit qwerty

You ran past medbay to arrivals…

1[01:04:14] MalevolentBacon/(Floaty Moonlight) (Surgery (74, 99, 2))
(DEAD) “rip the xeno”

Sec was chasing you as it was all over comms as you ran out of xenobio to hide. You fled from the people that were firing disablers to take you back to medbay.

Round going bad after you shoot yourself in bar? Better release a xeno to wipe it for everyone.

RD tells you to space yourself… Okay boss salute

Was it MRP though?

In the movie they dunno they got egg in them etc
So why would he go to medbay?

[2020-03-24 00:50:31.056] SAY: MalevolentBacon/(Floaty Moonlight) “I am here to be sacrificed” (Research Division (120, 94, 2))
[2020-03-24 00:50:32.757] SAY: MalevolentBacon/(Floaty Moonlight) “to the egg” (Research Division (120, 94, 2))
[2020-03-24 00:51:13.581] SAY: MalevolentBacon/(Floaty Moonlight) “lets jsut do it when cap isnt looking” (Research Division (120, 94, 2))

[2020-03-24 00:55:55.946] SAY: MalevolentBacon/(Floaty Moonlight) “cap gone?” (Research Division (117, 99, 2))
[2020-03-24 00:56:17.323] SAY: MalevolentBacon/(Floaty Moonlight) “I am here” (Xenobiology Lab (131, 47, 2))
[2020-03-24 00:56:19.849] SAY: MalevolentBacon/(Floaty Moonlight) “to be sacrificed” (Xenobiology Lab (131, 47, 2))
[2020-03-24 00:57:42.652] SAY: MalevolentBacon/(Floaty Moonlight) “shhh” (Xenobiology Lab (130, 47, 2))
[2020-03-24 00:57:44.140] SAY: MalevolentBacon/(Floaty Moonlight) “just wait” (Xenobiology Lab (130, 47, 2))
[2020-03-24 00:57:55.206] SAY: MalevolentBacon/(Floaty Moonlight) “i got a plan” (Xenobiology Lab (130, 47, 2))

Also both RD and other sci were traitors. Bacon, was not.

Maybe he worshipped the xenos?

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It was role play to some degree. I was in constant agony and to resolve the issue I signed up for a fatal test. Better dead than constant suffering.

I willingly signed up. RD didnt tell me to run, but I went to the room when RD instructed me to as per our agreement. Of course I fled from the dudes fucking shooting at me. I was trying to get back to xenobio. The plan was literally never to get the xeno removed, it was to have it in xenobiology for research purposes. I wasnt trying to make it so that xenos killed everyone, thats just you making a fat assumption, Aeder. I was doing it for science. I was suffering and saw a chance to make that go away while also allowing science to take advantage of that. I didnt plan to run all the way to arrivals but since the AI was trying to stop me also, doors kept getting locked in front of me, making me take a different turn. I tried to go towards departures and the AI redirected me through science instead.

Why would I go to medbay to have the xeno removed? I willingly signed up for being the host so they could research xenos in xenobio. If I just let them kill it that would defeat the entire point. I WANTED it to burst in xenobio, behind a barrier. I was literally going there when I was arrested and taken to medbay with not enough time for surgery. In that last bit I was doing everything I could to get the xeno back into containment before I died, and was stopped before I could make it there.

The xeno comment I made is just a general statement. It got a pretty bad spawn, and it woulda sucked to be that guy. It spawned in a room with like 5 people who immediately jumped on it and killed it. thats a fuckin rip moment dude. If I hadnt been the host, I still woulda said the exact same thing. In fact, all those comments are taken out of conversations. Cap didnt want to do it, but RD did, and I went with RD. He told me to come back later. I did and he told me to go to xenobio to do it. I did. There was a dude in xenobio trying to break the fuckin barrier so he could sacrifice himself to it without RD permission, and he is the dude I said just wait to, because I didnt want the barriers broken. I wanted them in place and on. My plan was literally to just turn on the disposal unit so that the barriers would still be up.

also how the fuck am I supposed to know the scientists and RD were traitors? I cant just fucking see that. I wanted to help science with the egg. that was it.

Correction: I knew the scientist in the xenobio room was a traitor because he instantly aggressive grabbed me, which is in part why I ran. He was a traitor and that was bad. He was trying to take me somewhere so I ran away from him. I DIDNT know that RD was a traitor and had no way of knowing.

Sec was extra shit that round imo

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@Ruko at what point does it go from trying to help station to trying to help the next player

As in what point does he try to give the alien the best start?
Take cult let’s say your toes up etc but not gagged, RP wise you’d shout till the point your converted base in chapel etc, but in maybe 5,10 seconds you ARE gunna be cult, so what point is it ok to accept your fucked and help your future team?

I play as plasmeme Dr.Octagon as a plasmeme I’m weaker so I play him as a coward who wants to be brave, I don’t go 1v1 if I can help it
So wouldn’t a coward accept his fate at some point?

I was traitor RD which is why I was glad Floaty asked to be infected, having to watch a pen of those is an extra workload for security.

This public hatching wouldn’t have happened if the xenobiologist hadn’t dragged him out of the pen, and you say he was traitor? Then he was going a step further than me even by both wanting a xeno infestation and having it be a free xeno. It seems like we were just using Floaty to further our own plans and they got caught in the middle.

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I’m conflicted because I know this is a player that does role-play out their actions, but that doesn’t excuse every action a player could take even if it makes RP sense.

This ban feels sour because he was caught in the middle of two different antags shooting for the same goal (while apparently both being ignorant to the other being an antag). It’s not self antag to volunteer as a test subject for science, and if it became apparent one of the scientists was acting very suspiciously and trying to remove him from containment after he was already an imminent threat to the station, he’s left in a no-win situation. Panic reactions to this make sense from both an IC and OOC stand point.

I do agree that submission to Security, Medical or anyone else he was running from was the best course of action though, rather than hiding from everyone with intent on going back to containment.

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What about my question about self interest vs the interests of the next player?

I think I was the Xeno that spawned from MalevolentBacon, and I had been watching him before that, I honestly agree with his assessment.

Also, that was a terrible place for me to spawn: No nearby escape routes, 3 people standing around the person I burst out of, all of them aware that a Xeno could spawn.

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well there you go, at least 3 people, two of which were there, understand my actions. I dont think it mattered what I did near the end. I just wanted to help science do some xeno science, since the egg is such a rare thing. I’ve never seen the outcome of what you can do because 75% of the time no one fucks with the egg and it gets unused or unnoticed, or some fucker comes along and destroys it for lame reasons like “the safety of the station” like they care when someone is experimenting on the SM or making maxcaps for “research points I promise”.

It started out as a genuine deal. I lost my russian roulette game early on, and since I got defibbed instead of something like cloning, I was all fucked up with the organ deterioration. I literally couldnt eat without vomiting. I kept going deaf frequently. My liver or something was failing, and i kept almost passing out. My intentions were pure. Unfortunately, the people around me did NOT have pure intentions. But thats not my fault. and in the end, nothing even came of it. The xeno was killed as soon as it spawned. The only victim of the entire thing was me (and maybe the dude who was the poor ass xeno). It feels like a ban for something only I really suffered for is just not that justified.

Stop licking the ban window.

It doesn’t matter if only you suffered. IC consequences do not matter when it comes to enforcing server rules.
I.E. you plasma flood and wipe half the station from existence, it’s okay cause I got brigged.

If you wanted to research the xeno. Put a monkey in there. Then you have control over it as well.
If you were concerned about being grabbed. Why not table them. Or run around in circles instead of to arrivals maint.

Either way after looking through all of the logs seems genuine, if mightily suspect. You played a dangerous game and only moved when bwoinked to ask why you were not seeking medical attention.
Benefit of the doubt. Unbeaned shortly.