Making dangerous atmos mixes with flimsy protection needs to stop

It’s been happening with incredible frequency lately. Incredibly dangerous radioactive mixes end up irradiating the entire station or turning the air of the station into a goddamn supernova.

Doing these kinds of mixes in tiny cages that are walled off by a single reinforced window on each side is not enough, clearly. And atmos holofans are not shielding.

If people are gonna keep doing the haha funny meem of barely-shielded atmos mixes and it keeps fucking the entire station, then maybe there should be a rule specifically against this kind of shit.

Harsher punishments for such fuck up? Maybe. Baning atmos mix fuckery? I don’t like it.


Yeah let people have fun and experiment, but let it be with the knowledge that a fuck-up will carry a lot more weight than something like accidentally blowing up toxins.

A more severe punishment for fuck-ups like this would encourage people (who aren’t griefers) to use far more protections and just be smarter about their shit if they know they’re risking a ban if they actually fuck up. Things like actually using atmos holofans before unwrenching pipes and using actual shielding. Taking steps to prepare for things and actually caring about the consequences.

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If a scientist gets bwoinked for blowing a TTV on the station, why doesnt this count for atmosians? ANy death because of there fuck up is on them. You cant claim ignorance if you made a fusion mix and “accidentally” release it because you didnt know the canister would open


Didnt you just get banned for this

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They did get banned for releasing someone else’s gas mix because they wanted to ahelp the dude to get them banned :((((

cope catoid
also velvet is right



people shouldn’t get fucked over because someone else comes along and baps their setup.

nanotrasen is not OSHA compliant

Velvet has no idea what this thread is about and is just here to shitpost, ignore it.

Look at recent bans. Someone netted themselves a permanent job ban for accidentally (“accidentally”) unwrenching a pipe full of gas hotter than the surface of the sun that immediately nuked the station because fastmos

That’s incompetency, same as you. They should of holofan’d the doors


As an atmos tech opened a nitrous oxide canister in corporate showroom after having left the door open resulting in the main hallway being flooded. Apparently this was an accident, but due to a related note and the incompetence shown this is a job ban. Do not mess around with gasses you do not understand in a public area.

Thats your ban, for incompetency

He’s referring to the fact you ran up and hit the holofans on a burn mix and got let off pretty easy.

He’s saying your situation isn’t that different from the one you’re complaining about as being a fake accident.


You’ve got no right to criticize people for releasing dangerous mixes when you did so in the past, not by accident, but out of impulse.

Thanks baby

Rukobf when

A solution would be to either give atmosians better tools for secure fusion or change the map so fusion can be done effectivly

you’re like the new maggotguy you just make 500 threads per day that im gonna completely ignore


I didn’t make the mix

You didnt make the damn mix, but you released it.

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