Make the roboticists able to print exosuit guns

read title. Tg has already done this so why not us

Lethal exosuit weapons have been intentionally moved to sec lathe some time ago so you actually need to ask sec for permission before making your fully armed combat mech on greenshift.


let’s be real here, you are getting them anyways, by the stupidity of the captain HoS or your instant acess to insuls. It just makes the process slower.
It also leaves Durand and Gygax without much purpose, sure they punch hard, but you are not winning a melee fight against a greyshit with a fire axe

It does make the process slower usually, but now having unauthorized guns is 100% guaranteed offence, as before a roboticist would just pimp his ride and if sec bitches he didnt do anything wrong, but now its obvious that you are meant to get the ok from the captain or hos, and it gives security a nice way of denying people free gun mechs.
Oh and: “i can get it easilly, just give it to me now” is not an argument, since breaking into armory or any head of staff office is such a cakewalk. Its not about it being easy, its about it being hard to get away with.

use the durand’s punch you casual

durand punch was nerfed mechs are now useless for power gamers or even anyone trying to make them for a valid reason

Or just ask the RD. People don’t care as much if a head prints gear at the lathes.

Or ask a free golem.