Make the Janicart key be fabricateable under the Advanced Sanitation research node

That way if someone breaks in to the janitor closet just to steal and space the key before a janitor has even joined (happened 3 separate times), they aren’t SOL. Yeah you can tecnically order a spare janicart from cargo to get an extra key but that’s literally never happened in all my hours of playing.

While you’re at it, make it self-antag to break into the janitor closet just to space/destroy the key. No reason to do that besides being a massive dick, but you can’t ahelp it because it’s technically not against the rules.

Janitor should get his key the same way chaplain gets his null rod.


If you are valid to the chaplain for stealing the null rod, or to the chef for walking in the kitchen, then you are valid to the janitor for stealing the keys.

Sharp mop + sucker’s eyes = he will reconsider.

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wait really? Great, Meat’s back on the menu boys!

make the key manufacturable, same as the jani cart. upgrades to the janni cart too?

Could make it a robo thing as well as its basically a gutted janiborg


eh why not?You can already make scooters, why not have the janicart/secway be more involved versions of the same? It would be fun.

why not make it so you can turn any dead borg into a ride?
its a great way to humiliate a rogue/malf ai


That’s pretty funny, and I like the idea a lot, but I don’t want to get killed by a shitter/antag then scootered off somewhere, never to be found because someone thinks I’m still in control and just giving someone a ride. Maybe make it a thing the RD can do that “turns off the wheel servos” or something so you can ride them and push them along like a scooter?

im not talking like your body gets destroyed and it becomes some sort of ride

like it says in the examine description of the jaincart and secway

some ideas would be that engi borgs become wheelchairs?, standard borgs become electric scooters, peacekeepers and clowns become EGGMOBILES and mediborgs become medways? i dont know i dont have creativity

maybe it should be possible without killing them but that ruins the spirit

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