Make Sneeze Great Again

Make sneeze and cough force airborne spread again. Right now if you want to avoid depending on transmission you have to use exo loco, but people hate the sprite so much they will lynch you. And I know its going to be said, just don’t have a contagious disease, but I like to have an impact on the round. If I just buff myself, since I can’t do anything to an antag if I’m not sec, what’s the point? I think the negative side effects of some beneficial symptoms should be nerfed a bit. Just my two cents, I do love beestation virology, I just want to actually do it.


you could make it so every time you cough/sneeze it has a chance to infect nearby people

No really - just don’t have a contagious disease. Make pills with samples of the disease in it and make them readily available in medbay’s public cooler. Announce it a few times, especially to whatever medical staff is present and/or security since they’ll get the most benefit out of knowing about it.

Some players don’t like dealing with the drawbacks of certain good diseases, so even good diseases should always be optional in my opinion.

Yeah but in my experience zero people will take that disease, even with CMO approval and spending every spare second advertising it. Like no one trusts the virologist.

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Nothing says “trust the virologist” like having them spread a contagious coughing/sneezing disease across the station.
Players hate coughing/sneezing constantly on top of how suspicious it is.

If the alternative is a bunch of dead bodies, I consider a cough/sneeze or a couple pink squares worth it. But I know that most of the community would side with you on this.The main point here isn’t about contagious diseases, that is already part of the game. It is only about, if we cannot get new exoloco sprites, would contagious sneeze be less annoying then pink squares. I will agree both are annoying.

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You could try getting creative, like a smoke machine on the lowest lavel with unstable mtagen blood farm, or poison chef’s food


I personally have no issue with the pink goo, but I respect others’ distaste of it and opt not to use it as a result. Sneeze/Cough viruses are going to have the same effect and make folks want to lynch you.

If you insist on infecting others without their consent, do it manually or via roundabout methods like Bestparty suggested.

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A spray bottle with blood in it infects through most protection but there is like a 70% chance you’ll be shot even if the virus is only good.

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I mean yea you can’t complain if you get killed either, I’ve seen a cmo do that before with a syringe gun and I killed him for it assuming it was a lethal poison but it was actually some shitty healing virus that he chose to give to all the heads 10 seconds before the shuttle arrived

My new method for virus spreading is to have 5 beakers. One with potassium, one with phosphorus, one with sugar, one with your culture, and an empty one.

Add 5u of potassium, sugar, and the virus blood to the empty beaker. Then walk up to someone and add in the sugar.

Just don’t do it with a virus that’s at all bad or you can expect a bwoink.

You’ll still probably get shot but it seems to work relatively well.

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I think the big thing is the new symptoms need to be added to the virology rule list, to say if exoloco and biometallic are allowed to be used, if they make you valid, and on what servers. This is where I think the problem comes from, cause right now its being treated as they both make you valid on either server.

Yeah, wiki is out of date on the symptoms.

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