Make prisoner as a job

Hello recently usage of perma has dropped down to such a degree that most secs usually forget that they even locked up a person in there. This usually leads to situations where the prisoner is stuck in the perma alone with nothing to do and his only options are is to dc or just ghost because he basically is stuck there alone. To tackle this situation I offer a solution of adding a new job called prisoner (2-3 slots) Prisoners always spawn in the perma and their main goal would be to escape and annoy security.

Firstly, this job would force the security to pay more attention to prisoners who are locked up in perma from the start because none of the heads want to see orange coloured prisoners running in their halls from the start.

Secondly, people who will be sent into perma wont have the problem of being alone and probably will continue playing the round after getting caught and locked up.

Thirdly, there will be more roles where you can have fun such as (clown).

I hope someday to see the prisoners appear, but for now PEACE.


You used to be able to do this a few months ago. I saw people do it.

If you just added it back as a gimmick job it wouldnt change…well anything.

Something like this might be a nicer idea in a similar vein of making perma less solitary.

edit: seems like kmc from nsv nabbed it if anyone was actually interested, mapping is gonna be the most obnoxious part.

Also this is the main thing that sucks about prisoners on other servers

They almost always either
A. ask for parole immediately, in which case why didn’t you play assistant
B. Break out/get broken out, leaving perma uninhabitable.

The main nice thing that came out of it honestly is just that permabrigs are mapped nicely now.

To be fair, adding less destructive breakout methods would fix the issue.

literally prepare perma for escape round start…

Can’t wait to lock up a heretic who has a thing for human flesh in perma with you

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Only if they’re not possible from inside. Making perma particularly easy to escape means it may as well not exist.

Having some convenient resources on the outside for someone helping to get you out could be interesting, but really I agree with @Heepox

Plan for the worst and prep perma for escape ahead of time. Sneak some tools in or something similar.

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you… i… but… that’s not the point he was making

The point I’m making is that if you can easily slip out of perma without destroying it, why should it even exist at all? Even in its current state, a normal cell without a timer is more secure than Perma is. I flat out disagree with the notion that it should be easy to break out of alone from the inside, even if we were to add a prisoner role.


i just wanna play poker whilst drinking toilet booze with the boys


Well I guess this is what I meant, since really most perma escapes tend to involve an outside assistant anyways.

And still even with prep beforehand, there are very destructive escape methods, that work, and a few that are less destructive but have higher risk.