Make plushies craftable and add paintable miniatures

Would be cool if we could craft plushies with fabric and maybe cotton. The one you get just before processing it with a loom. Maybe add some extra ingredients depending on which kind of plushies we want to make.
I want to drown the station in plushies or play as a plushie seller.

In the same vein being able to order figurines that we have to paint ourselves from cargo would be cool, like you have to use the right crayon on it (or perhaps special miniature paint) and then it begins a 1 minute timer as you painstakingly start painting your miniature. And if you’re interrupted in the middle it fails the process and gives you an improperly painted miniature, ruining it.

I like muh cool toys.

I can also do the sprites for the incomplete versions of the figurines. I know a little bit about spriting.
Would even be ok spriting anything you might want to add too.

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buy them from cargo

unless you’re poor, in which case big L

Well if you want to buy them from cargo and play a plushie vendor since a crate costs 1500 credits and has 5 plushies you would have to sell each plushies at above 300 credits to make a proffit so nobody can buy them at that price.

Yes, but you need to sacrifice the soul of a moth for them. That’s why they are sent in from Cent Comm. >:)

At least lower the price. I want more plushies!

or increase the number of plushies to compensate for the cost!

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