Make MRP the "For Beginners!" server

why does lrp still have ‘for beginners’ in the title when its obv not? u die for being annoying on lrp

make MRP the beginner server, theres more people and more of a chance for greenshift


Actually - genius. Mrp still does not require any rp to this very day, the only thing it does require is that you dont actively go out of your way to break rp, which in our case results in players being a lot less brutal to eachother. Yeah, we do have the (be a believable worker) rule but it too is hardly enforced. And assistants i believe are exempt from this rule. Things in general are a lot calmer which gives more time in any given round to experiment, find a teacher, and learn. Legit, new players should come to mrp.

Beestation is for beginners as a whole, that is our purpose for existing and our mission statement in a nutshell. Golden for core gameplay and Sage for learning to role-play. The fact Golden isn’t friendly to and constantly chases new players off is only proof that something needs to change with it.

Beestation’s mission isn’t changing but server rules will to accommodate that mission as necessary.


Still think that the mrp server should be considered the beginner beginner one, and lrp should be the intermediate one. As much as we are here to accomplish a mission, we are here to have fun. And on lrp talking is not seen as fun, and talking is something you want to do as a beginner, to ask questions, to get permission and to get help.

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No, golden is fine. It’s the rules. But everyone who plays golden likes those rules. So keep them that way.

On MRP, everyone is more focused on their job

On LRP, people just want to have fun. Either by validhunting, mining, space exploring, or just their job. The difference is you won’t get permabanned from LRP for getting augmentations roundstart. No server is ‘better’, it’s what you find fun.
MRP does have fun aspects (more players, miners actually mine, traitor is actually challenging), but I don’t find it ‘fun’ unless I’m playing bartender or something. I only really play Sage during those couple hours (3AM-5AM) where Golden has like, 4 players.

LRP has way more griefers because of less admins (my boy Sumter keeping LRP great doe), which is one of the reasons MRP seems to be more ‘beginner friendly’. MRP just has more people and more admins, and a more ‘polite’ playerbase.
That’s why I think the titles should be swapped

Also, if beestation as a whole is supposed to be beginner friendly, why does MRP not also have “For beginners” in the title? It would probably boost the server pop, as apparently lots of streamers are playing SS13 now. Since MRP is capped (I think?) it would also send people to LRP, which would (hopefully) increase admin activity on there which may lead to the ‘change’ you seek.

PS. Admins seem to find LRP tedious. Most just join, admin for a round, realize that usually half the server is valid anyways, and leave. Sumter is really the only admin who actually plays on LRP.

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Not true, meta gangs dominate.

Fucking around with basic stuff got me lynched, whenever I try anything fun (even the basics such as slipping even without lube) gets me lynched.

lrp miners mine a lot and beat bubblegum.

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I phrased that wrong. If you’re annoying, you die. If you’re shitsec, you get your organs removed. If you’re a peaceful antag ( traitor who doesnt plasmaflood/sm delam/murderbone mindlessly ) then you’re probably fine.
metagangs really don’t dominate. lots of people say all the assistants are in a ‘metagang’ with some greyshits like Tian, Owen, me, and others, but really, if any of us are antag and murderbone, we will try to stop eachother bc murderbone BAD. SM delam bad and plasmaflood also bad. Literaly on LRP the good antags just do their objectives, and emag cargo. The annoying ones bomb the station, delam sm, etc.

You play sec… thats your own fault. Also, if the clown lubes enough on LRP, he dies. Not sure what you mean as “fucking around with basic stuff” or “try anything fun” so elaborate pls

the miners on LRP are either some of the elite ones who are actually godly (wang kelliday), or the ones who literaly do nothing and basically afk the whole game. Or, sometimes there’s never miners at all.

From what I’ve seen, if you do anything as sec, some shitter is gonna yell ‘shitsec’ and at that point sec is like valid and everyone will try kill them.


I literally got killed by some robust assistant when I was HoS for no reason other then being an “MRPer”


i stand by my words brother

ehhh fair enough, I knew what i was getting myself into being a solo sec department on LRP

Without reading the thread first, LRP is the designated new-player server because it doesn’t have the associated roleplaying rules. Less rules makes for an easier experience on new players. LRP is far more forgiving, as it lacks the competence rules that MRP has.

MRP enforcement is my number one priority. Since I joined staff, I haven’t been able to get on-server, as work has been particularly busy. Day of the rope for LRP on Sage is coming very soon.

have you even tried to play MRP at all lol

Uh oh. The unga chimps wont be happy about that

Lube = die

I played sec like twice at most.

So much for “if you’re valid you die”

Ye, LRP is a shithole dominated by metagangs who can’t take a joke but there aren’t really any alternatives, glory to LRP.

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Ok guys who are getting killed for random things, what if you ahelped rule breaks, haha jkjk, unless?


Watching members of the LRP assistant metagang pretend that there is no LRP assistant metagang is hilarious.

I’ve seen a member of the tider gang, on his way to be executed for committing a capital crime call for help over the radio, summoning two other members of the gang to break into perma and straight up murder the HoS no questions asked.

Or the “sharing” of AA with the exact same group of people every round.

As has been said and shown many times, you will only be validhunted on LRP if you force the metagang’s hand (by killing everyone) or if the metagang doesn’t like you.


Guess you aren’t bothered by the assistant metagang if you are part of the assistant metagang.

These are the same assistants that will tide in caps/hops office if they refuse to hand out AA and will ahelp if they get shot for tiding into caps office/armory. (also they will metagrudge their killer for all eternity if the former happened)

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Yes and its gay asf. I was bartender and the geneticist threw all my drinks at me so I shot them with non lethal shotgun shells and the chefs tried to kill me. I defended myself and got permabanned from MRP

the ‘metagang’ you guys talk about is just assistants who arent annoying and decide to help out players and you act like its the worst thing in the world